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Chapter 1: The Intro
Third Left is a band made up of three unique individuals that met in Lowell, each bringing a different flavor of music to create the essence of Third Left. They succeed in blending jazz, rock, and a hint of craziness to add to the mix. Vocal harmony encompasses a number of their songs in their repertoire. Third Left makes every song different from one another but still having the same vibe and mood. From fast jazz grooves to melodic rock and roll, all the way to your pretty love songs, Third Left taps every musical resource they can lay their hands on (besides country music; reasons unknown).
Chapter 2: Running With Scissors
In the beginning it wasn’t Third Left at all. It was in fact four eighth graders from Plymouth trying to win the school talent show. They were all good friends and hung out all the time so they decided to form a band they called Running With Scissors (RWS for short). Zak Fey and Brian Hitchings were among these four kids. Bryan Pierce would come into the picture five years later but for now he did not exist. RWS practiced for days just jamming away in Zak’s basement, writing songs that were simple but fun. No one wanted to sing so they were strictly an instrumental band. The day of the talent show came and they were very nervous but excited. There was another band that played called Dyslexia and they were pretty hardcore with an amazing guitarist and they had a singer so RWS did not know what the outcome would be. RWS went on and played their hearts out and won the entire talent show in all categories. Dyslexia was pretty pissed but if you think about it, hardcore kids are always pissed at something. There was a big buzz about RWS in the school and so they got their first taste of success. But the taste was bittersweet because of a complication within the band; they broke up and went their own separate ways.

Chapter 3: The Basics
High school came by storm and took everybody by surprise. Hitch and Fey were still friends but didn’t jam as often as they used too. Hitch was invited to play with a band with an older dude an oddly enough his old bass player was in the band from RWS. They had fun playing covers but Hitch became frustrated with the older kid because he just wasn’t very good at anything to do with music. He left that scene and in his junior year tried to form a ska band with Zak Fey and a bunch of kids from the High School Band. They had one practice and it just didn’t work out. Hitch and Fey just didn’t really enjoy ska and plus the horn section they got together weren’t that good. They agreed on one thing, they had to get the old band back together but without the other guitar. They got the old bassist back and started jamming. Zak invited a singer over to come to see if he would mesh with the band. He was all right and he wrote songs so they formed The Basics. The Basics got pretty tight and started playing in peoples back yards for free. They started to develop a fan base among friends and became semi popular in the town of Plymouth. The year went by and their singer had to go to go to college so the band was left without a voice. Zak had been singing harmony and was fairly well at doing so. He decided that he would teach Hitch to sing. Hitch wasn’t all that pleased. He didn’t think he could sing, especially in harmony. But much to his prevail he became a decent singer and started to pick up where the old singer left off. He and Zak would switch off singing the songs they had written. The band actually became tighter and in a result they actually started to get shows. The Basics were getting paid for doing what they love. It was the senior year of High School and kids in school loved the Basics. People tried to get to every show they could. A bar had been forced to close down because of a Basics show. It appeared that underage kids were sneaking into shows and the local authorities found out and shut the place down. It was nuts! But sadly it had to end because college was coming for the band and the bass player was going far away. Zak and Hitch decided to keep the band together and go to the same college in search for a new bass player.

Chapter 4: The Cosby Twins
When Zak and Hitch got their acceptance letters to Umass Lowell they did not expect that they would be rushing the fraternity of Delta Kappa Phi (DK for short) and then forming a band with two of the brothers and another rush. They called themselves The Cosby Twins for no reason at all other than to have people ask, “Why The Cosby Twins?” They played cover songs in the local bars and had fun doing it. Zak sang for The Cosby Twins and Hitch did back up vocals and guitar. Within The Cosby Twins they met bass player Bryan Pierce and quickly became very good friends. They did not forget what they set out to do. They still longed to write songs of their own so when the time came they asked Pierce to be their bass player of their band. They still played with The Cosby Twins but their main