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C Plus is a 22 year old emcee/songwriter hailing from the Natomas section of Sacramento, CA. He has spent the lat 4 years of his career building his reputation both on stage and in the recording booth as a zealous MC with skill and ability. His ties to local hip hop factions such as Neighborhood Watch [No Relation], Turf Hop Alliance, and The All Star Cast have made him a definite staple in the city’s ever-growing Hip Hop scene. His music is the line where street savvy wordplay and conscious lyricism meet over smoothly blend thick snares and dusty soul samples; not one to be boxed in, C Plus is just as comfortable on a mellow tempo loop as he is on a high energy mainstream record, showing his true versatility as an MC. In his free time P skateboards, attempts to detox from his retail addiction, and writes on his personal blog, thirdletta.com





C Plus - The After-School Special [2006]

C Plus - The Purple Heart (All beats by Black Milk) [2009]

C Plus & DJ Flow - All On Me [2010]

Original EP's:

C Plus - The Warm Up (Produced by Lee Bannon) [2009]

C Plus - The Smallest Giant (Produced by Lee Bannon) [2009]

C Plus & Matt Cali - Dope Fix [2009]

C Plus & Gameboy - Avant L'Orage [2009]

C Plus - Viernes Negro [2010]


C Plus - Captain Kirk [2009]

C Plus - Black & Purple [2010]