Third Level Project

Third Level Project


Third Level Project is a group of musicians from three continents and four countries producing a unique blend of jazz, rock, and world music. All experienced players, TLP is a very professional group of musicians dedicated to their trade.


Third Level Project started about seven years ago with Rob Denton, a guitar player,and Doug Millaway, a guitar player turned keyboardist, from Central Minnesota hooking up to write and record some unique music that did not fit easily into any one genre.

As time progressed, the two musicians felt a need to expand their sound and as a result, invited Canadian saxophone player Bob Johnson to join the ranks. The result of that collaboration is the CD entitled CONNECTED.

Bob Johnson also plays with another internet collaborative project called The Funkdawgs. TLP recruited the Funkdawgs drummer, Filippo Bertacche (Italy), to join the group, and he agreed.

After a couple of unsuccessful attempts to locate a bass player that seemed to understand what the music was all about, Paul Wheeler from Australia came onboard.

Currently, the group is working on a new collection of tunes that is coming along nicely. The cooperation amongst the group members is incredible because we have encouraged an atmosphere that is laid back and pressure free. Individuals work on the music when it fits their schedule in their own environment, and it seems that enhances everyone's performance.


West Grace Street - CD
Blue Ginger - CD
Surfin' The Big Dogma - CD
Soft Blue Dream - CD
Connected - CD
Currently working on TLP2

Set List

The band only plays live on rare occasions. This is because we live on three continents.