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Freehold Township, New Jersey, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Freehold Township, New Jersey, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
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""The Out Sound Comes In" (5 On It)"

Third Mind – “Easy”

With Dirty Sprite 2808s and Heartbreak took the first major step onto new plains, opening a period of evolution that appears now to be reaching peak saturation. Young Thug, Future, Kanye, and Drake—to name but a few and to paint across a spectrum from most to least experimental—have opened up rap’s expressive palette, lending a new power for emotional truth to what was already American music’s best medium for autobiography. As much as rap has been strip-mined by other genres for its most superficially attractive parts, it has proven as resilient and innovative a genre as ever.

New Jersey crew Third Mind’s “Easy” (the strongest song in a litany of submissions I’ve received from the group) traffics almost entirely in melodic style. Its content and the standards that might usually be used to gauge the technical quality of rap feel almost irrelevant, sound and a primacy of new form more important than an adherence to old expectations. None of this is to say that “Easy” reaches the same expressive levels as, say, “March Madness” or “Numbers,” but it is proof of life on the fringe. - Pigeons and Planes

"Third Mind - Easy"

I’m brand new to the music of New Jersey rap trio, Third Mind, but this song right here caught my attention. Winding down on a smoke filled Monday night, this jawn is pretty much what I needed. Third Mind connect with frequent GrandeMarshall and Rome Fortune collaborator, Ben Pramuk, for “Easy.” If you like what you hear, check out their latest project, heatSleep. - OkayPlayer


New Jersey trio Third Mind has worked to carve out a name for themselves in the underground rap scene over the last year. Through the steady release of music via their Soundcloud account (which a quick scroll of reveals work with acts such as Spooky Black and Purpdogg among others) and getting in front of crowds at festivals such as SXSW, NXNE, and Rolling Loud, they continue to cement their name as a group to watch out for in the coming year. Their latest project, “heatSleep”, was well received by critics and fans alike, garnering attention from sites such as Pigeons and Planes and OkayPlayer. They are currently writing their follow up which should be coming shortly. - HotNewHipHop

"Third Mind - "Today" (Music Video)"

New Jersey rap trio Third Mind makes their Daily Loud debut with a dope set off visuals entitled “Today.” Check out the new video above. - The Daily Loud


New Jersey rap group Third Mind just dropped the Feebzz and BlissedOut directed video for “Just Lookin”, the first track off their soon to be released mixtape, Virtual Afternoon. Grimbane, Describe, and producer Alex Trevelyan kick it Jersey style and ball out in Atlantic City, a perfect canvas for Feebzz and BlissedOut’s signature, flashy visual effects. #KEEPWATCH for Virtual Afternoon, featuring appearances by Yung Gleesh and Main Attrakionz, but until then, get familiar with these Jersey boys via their Soundcloud page and the above video. Kracka out. - MishkaNYC

"Third Mind - They Know"

Rap trio Third Mind drop off their latest visual entitled, They know. -

"Third Mind – France ft. Spooky Black (prod. by Trevelyan)"

Some easy listening from New Jersey trio, Third Mind. FOr those that had an extra wild White-Girl Wednesday sober up to the sounds of this Trevelyan produced track titled “France” ” which features durag wearing newcomer Spooky Black, who has found recent internet fame off his weirdly entertaining video that made its way onto Complex. This will be featured on Third Mind’s upcoming album, 900 Degreez which is set to drop June 3rd. - Ashley Outrageous

"[MP3] #DK11 Interview with Third Mind – Life To Be"

I posted their contribution to the This One Goes To Eleven… compilation album a little while back but I finally managed to get with Alex producer from the NJ-based group, Third Mind a few days ago and chop it up about the group, their #DK11 single, “Life To Be” and life as rappers from New Jeruz and more. Read on to find out what he had to say on those topics and more….

DK: You guys are still pretty new on the scene and just starting to make a name for yourselves. Talk a little about the group history, how you came together and what music you’ve released so far.

Alex: For sure! Our group name is Third Mind, we’re a music group consisting of two rappers, GrimBane and deScribe, and one producer me, Alex Trevelyan. We’ve been making music in one way or another for a long time, since like 2005. However this Third Mind thing really all came together about three years ago.

DK: How did you guys meet when you first started the group though?

Alex: Me and Scribby met when we were in middle school and have been buds ever since, and we met Grimb through a mutual friend when we were like 14 so we were friends for a while before starting the group.

DK: I first got up on you guys when you submitted your music for NXNE. Your screwed up treatment of Eddie Kendricks for your track, “Intimate Friends” was a bit of mind-melter. Can you talk about the inspiration behind that track?

Alex: Thanks! The inspiration for that track was DJ Screw. (RIP) we’re psyched that you like it.

DK: I hope you don’t take this as a dis but your sound reminds of what some have called the ‘Cloud Rap’ sound. You guys definitely seem to have a very ‘new school’ reference points for the kind of hip hop you do like citing Lil B as a stylistically inspiration on one of your tracks. Do you feel any kinship with any of these ‘now’ genres that get buzz like ‘Cloud Rap’ or Tumblr rap?

Alex: We definitely feel related to that and don’t mind being labeled as such. Its just natural for people to categorize music. Hopefully we can bring a new twist on those sounds. Lil’ B, Main Attrakionz (who we have on the new release Virtual Afternoon), and A$AP Mob are most definitely what put us onto the sound. TYBG!

DK: Lol! Brandon (aka Lil B) is the homie. Anyway moving on, despite being so close to NYC, New Jersey still has had only limited success in hip-hop by comparison. Why do you think that is?

Alex: Not sure why this is. Never really thought about it to be honest. Hopefully we can change that perception though. And shout out, Joe Budden!

DK: “Life To Be” is a great track. Can you tell me what it’s about and the process of making it?

Alex: Thanks again. It’s about being in an altered state of mind all the time and how that could maybe not be the greatest thing ever for you but kind of loving it at the same time. Very conflicted feelings led to the song.

DK: An early version of track that you sent me, when it was still called “Same”, had a slightly different feel: like less knock in the drums and no auto-tune in the chorus. Why did you guys change the track for the final mixed version you submitted?

Alex: It’s nothing too deep. We just felt like the track wasn’t up to par at first and wanted to make it more hypnotic and give it some more ‘oomph.’

DK: Somehow I managed to screw up (no pun intended) and not see you guys when you came to Toronto for NXNE. What did you think of NXNE and the Did you get to check out any local music while up here?

Alex: Toronto was amazing. We went and checked a lot of shows while there which was cool and the artists we performed with were all very dope. We love Toronto and would like to come back very soon.

DK: Thanks for contributing “Life To Be” for the #DK11 comp. Before we wrap up here, is there anything else you’d like to add or share about Third Mind and what’s coming up for you guys?

Alex: Anytime, thanks for interviewing us. As I mentioned before, we have a new mixtape coming out very soon called Virtual Afternoon. We’re putting the finishing touches on it right now. Stay woke!!

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Note: this is the final original interview and feature to be posted from the This One Goes To Eleven… compilation album project. I’d like to thank everyone again for supporting, not only the album since it’s release, but also the blog for the past 11 years.

Getting rated by XXL and VIBE and having major outlets like The Guardian, The New York Times, CBC News, Slate and the cool kids at the FADER acknowledge or reference us has been heartening and affirmation that my mission when starting this blog, sharing what I thought was great music regardless of where it came from was a worthy one.

Having the biggest music news outlet in Canada, Exclaim! co-premiere the album or having music industry veterans like Big C give the album props and help spread the word has only reinforced that we’ve been on the right track all these years regardless of whether we’re still the biggest blog on the block or not. Thanks for all the support and stay tuned for even more fresh sh-t out the Kitchen moving forward. Here’s to another 11 years?? -


Still working on that hot first release.



Hip-Hop/Rap trio hailing from the coast of New Jersey consisting of two emcee's- deScribe and grimBicy, and one producer/DJ - Alex Trevelyan. Performance experience includes shows such as NXNE (Toronto), Rolling Loud (Miami), and SXSW (Austin, TX, [TRILLECTRO X MISHKA "VIBES" SHOWCASE, ANIMALXHOUSE SHOWCASE), as well as opening for TeamSESH at the Trocadero in Philadelphia, Robb Bank$ at Santos Party House NYC, and Pouya, Fat Nick, and $uicideboy$ at Highline Ballroom. Third Mind's collaborated with the likes of Spooky Black, Lil Yachty, Larry League and their release, "heatSleep" garnered attetion from fans and critics alike, being shown love from sites such as Pigeons and Planes, HotNewHipHop, and OkayPlayer. 

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