Third Party

Third Party


A rhythm and mod-punk blues explosion with ska and psychedelia around the edges. We take our songwriting very seriously, ourselves less so.


Third Party has been around in one form or another for a couple of years, always with GRJ in the singing and songwriting role. Now with a solid line-up comprising of Del boy on the bass, Joel Beswick on the keys and Christian X on drums this is a cracking live experience, a band with serious presence and the music to back it up. We are recording a new single this January, aiming to capitolise on the press we've already had including a best of 2012 list and a 'ones to watch' for 2013. We will have a promotional video to go with the single and will look to play as many shows as we can off the back of it whilst looking for funding for the album to follow.


Talking Shop E.P. 2010
Electric City (single) 2011
Room with a View (single&video) 2012