Third Time's A Charm

Third Time's A Charm


Third Time's a Charm is catchy, punk influenced pop rock that combines the mainstream listenability of Fall Out Boy and All Time Low with the musical Integrity of bands such as Brand New and Thrice. There high energy stage show has never failed to get the crowd involved no matter how big or small.


Formed in 2008, the band is eagerly approaching their second year and also their second release:
E.P. "Still Standing" which is being produced by Rob Freeman (Hidden In Plain View, Drive-Thru Records)
and is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2010. This is the band's second time working
with Freeman after their first E.P., "Rumors and Noise".
"Rob understands our sound and he respects our integrity." explains guitarist Jim Farley, "We liked
the polish that he brought to our sound on 'Rumors and Noise'. This record is more raw and a little ballsier so we wanted that Rob Freeman touch to help tie things together and keep us in line." Also, having made a name for themselves in the Chicago area, Third Time's A Charm is focusing more on growing a national/international fan-base. "We're booking our own tours for the rest of 2009 and 2010. We're self-financed and it's rough, but we all want this more than anything. "Still Standing" is our proclamation that we're still here and nothing could weaken our drive or the bonds between us. There is nothing else. Music is all of our lives and we don't plan on ever giving up." says bassist Hlavka. Whatever their future endeavors, Third Time's A Charm's original brand of catchy punk influenced
pop/rock combined with their strong D.I.Y. ethics ensure that there are great things still to come from the Chicago five-piece.


Our first EP, "Rumors and Noise" was released in april of 2009 at the metro in Chicago IL. It is currently available at shows and on all major digital retailers. "Tik Tok" a cover of the same song by Ke$ha was released in march of 2009 and is available to listen to at Our second EP, "Still Standing" will be released in June of 2010 and will be available at shows and on most major digital retailers. Most songs are streaming on and have gotten radio airplay on Q101 in chicago, some college radio stations, and fearless radio, an internet station based out of Chicago. All of their music so far has been recorded and produced by Rob Freeman (hidden in Plain view, cobra starship, hit the lights)

Set List

"The Risk of Gambling", "In So Many Words", "Stand Up", "Electric Tonight", "Tik Tok", "If you Don't like the effect, Dont Support the Cause", "It's not Me, Its You"