Third Wheel Tuesday
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Third Wheel Tuesday


Band Folk Acoustic


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Third Wheel Tuesday releases all of their music as either singles or SP collections.

1. Love You Just The Same (Acoustic)
2. Break Out (Acoustic)
3. When You Find Your Heart (Acoustic)
4. Love Is A River (Acoustic)

1. Steal Your Soul (Acoustic)
2. I Can’t Breathe (Acoustic)

1. Wings (Acoustic)
2. Love -Open Your Eyes- (Acoustic)



SARAH: I've lived many different places, and the only things constant in my life have been change, and the smile on my face. There were times when only Joni Mitchell understood me, and other times in my life when the only one I could relate to was Rob life can be archived in order of my favorite CD's. Along with whatever pain or joy I was going through there was a song on repeat... Music has been my best friend... All I can ever hope for as an artist is to return the favor. Thanks for listening :)

MANDY: (as dictated to SARAH) You know me... wait.. I'm from Kansas... to the dismay of my bandmates I ADORE country music. Especially ALABAMA, but my new boyfriend is Indie Rock. I moved to Nashville in 2006 and did NOTHING until these two came along. Although I did have a gig at Applebees a few times (hold your applause until the end of my bio). The End (Applause)

MILES: (as dictated to SARAH) -I'm tired of typing Miles wants me to just write "ROCK and ROLL".... we collectively think he's lame
(as typed by MILES) - Well Miles thinks you're lame too.
sorry we're not cooler