Thirsty Fish

Thirsty Fish


Upbeat and funky but yet at times ghostly and
suspenseful, the music of Thirsty Fish is enough to keep you
on the edge of your seat or dancing with joy. Boasting that
no two performances will ever be exactly the same, this high
energy band is a must see live experience. Merging genres
such as funk, reggae, psychpop and a hint of surf rock,
Thirsty fish's music is quite pleasing to the ear.


Starting out in 2008 as a basement punk rock group
just playing for fun, the band decided they needed something more. After several lineup changes and a walk down a different musical path, Thirsty Fish found exactly what they were looking for, eager to carry on their musical journey. Constantly writing new material and playing gigs as often as they are able.

In the summer of 2011, the band decided to hit up the
studio to record their debut self titled EP. Containing
Beautiful guitar melodies, driving bass lines and groovy drum beats. Contrasting heavy and soft parts as well as fun and gritty sounds, creating a fun atmosphere that will leave you with a joyful feeling.


5 track EP Self titled "Thirsty Fish" available for streaming at:

Single release titled "Elephant" able for download and streaming at: