Edinburgh, Scotland, GBR

Thirteen-Seven, hailing from Edinburgh combine drums, bass and lead guitars to create soaring, modern rock.

This trio combines powerful drum rhythm and clean/distorted bass which alternates seamlessly between supporting and driving the melody.

Together provide the perfect foil for the lead guitar and singer whose dexterity is displayed in the anthemic choruses and tingling solos.


Are this band in their prime? Well they certainly like their prime numbers. Thirteen-Seven is their moniker and for once three into thirteen does divide.

This trio of musicians from Edinburgh combine drums, bass and lead guitars to create soaring, modern melodic rock tracks - Turn them up loud and they just sound better.

Thirteenseven cite influences of Nirvana, Led Zeppelin and Muse amongst others so I think it is safe to say that their music will be an aural rollercoaster ride, and indeed it is.

With melody and crunching guitar in abundance this band are unafraid to be different.

"One of our favourite songs this year - 5 stars. We are addicted to Stalemate… love it"
- Holier Than Thou Records Rock Music Promoter and Label


Single: Stalemate/Endgame

Promoted by Holier Than Thou Records - received play on more than 26 radio stations across the UK including Radio Caroline

Set List

1. Redefine
2. Resolve
3. Utopia
4. Endgame
5. Stalemate
6. Illuminate
7. Esoteric

Show List To Date;
13-Nov-09 The Ark, Edinburgh
15-Nov-09 Cape, Stirling
29-Nov-09 Ivory Blacks, Glasgow
09-Dec-09 Bannermans, Edinburgh
12-Dec-09 Dog & Parrot Club, Newcastle
15-Dec-09 The Ark, Edinburgh
22-Feb-10 Ivory Blacks, Glasgow
07-Mar-10 Box, Glasgow
20-Mar-10 Bannermans, Edinburgh
13-Apr-10 Hustlers, Dundee
21-Jun-10 The Forest Cafe, Edinburgh
18-Oct-10 Hustlers, Dundee
11-Feb-11 The Forest Cafe, Edinburgh
06-Dec-11 Dexters Bar, Dundee