thirty elephants

thirty elephants

 Santa Pola, Valencia, ESP

Dance, sweat, share, and fight! ... Always remember to take thirty Elephants!.


Thirty Elephants is more than just a band, is a musical project in which its components, Bonna and Sandra.

Bonna has long been a DJ in his spare time and has served on the group Smillie. Much of his life has been spent experimenting with electronic music "cut and paste". After several remixes, mashups and different experience Smillie, wanted to experiment with their own creations with a different look to what he did in Smillie.

Thirty Elephants arises here with the intention of creating melodies that invite thinking, reflection and fun. The music he creates is powerful, to dance, feel, hear and share.


NOT A WAY "ep"

1.train from apocalipsis 05:22
2.cancer 03:28
3.Fifty days withot rain 05:06
4.sunday 05:04