thirty two ways

thirty two ways


A pop jukebox. We play warm, angular indie pop, influenced by music of the past three decades. It's an idiosyncratic sound that veers from song to song, the product of our divergent backgrounds and shared desire to craft thoughtful music.


At once a mad scientist and calculating tunesmith, Adam Bartell has played with the Strand, managed Wow and Flutter and has probably done some other things he didn't tell us about. Fellow Wisconsinite (Wisconsonian?) Matt Daby is a grown-up skate punk who cut his teeth in a number of scrappy punk bands and now has to cope with with Adam's over-wrought pop sensibilities and Beatles fixation. Keyboadist Emily Prosch has an ear for melody and the heart for somber minor chords and lilting keyboard lines. Underlined by Steven Dutt's energetic bass parts, the band concocts a soundtrack of divergent pop sounds, decidely non-retro, yet still evocative of the last several decades of pop music.



Written By: Adam Bartell

keep your eye on the prize
don't let them take you for a ride
we've all been here before
we've all been here before

beyond the paper's edge
forget what they said
the words were on the wall
the words were on the wall

can you see that the space is widening
between thought and known?
guidance systems off
bought and sold again
liberty sleeps alone

scratch the surface now
sifting through why and how
the chance may slip away
the chance may slip away


"Prize/Til Now" two-songer, 2005
"Inception" E.P., 2004

Set List

7-10 songs, approx. 45 minutes, songs vary, often includes a cover of XTC's "Generals and Majors"