"this." is one of Canad'a hardest working independant bands hitting you unforgetable guitar riffs and catchy tunes that anyone with ears can appriaciate.


"this." four piece rock ensemble from Toronto/Mississauga has been compared to great bands like the Foo Fighers, Weezer, and Iron Maiden. The creative songwriting of Paul Godfrey is complimented by vocal harmonies from Ian Devilla, and the bands rythm section(Chino and Darryl) drive the songs home. The band is gaining respect from numerous ears; whether you like metal, punk, alternative, or good old rock and roll.

Have a listen to their new album "What Makes You So Different?"


"What Makes You So Different" 2006 ETM
"AGO 3A0" 2005
"Halfway" 2004

Set List

1. Summer Song
2. Waiting 4
3. When the morning comes
4. What Makes You so Different
5. Kissing You
6. Never Never End
7. Greensleeves
8. Major
9. I can't dance
10. War ain't over
11. Cats n Cradles
12. Move on
13. Halfway
14. Somebody Stole My Soul
15. Ploder's Birthday
16. Something's in the dark out there
17. The curse
18. Yourself and I
19. Endeavour
20. Hey
21. Gime me my money

22. Wake Up
23. On Top of the World
24. Run Into The Sun
25. China Doll