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Hi guys - cool hair!

Great stuff - bit different - this would go down well in the UK. Maybe you should do a tour?..... actually that's assuming you're not in the UK....didn't check on you EPK....just assume that like most others here you're from the states or somewhere.

Anyway....nuff babble....the music....

The third track reminded me a little of a band called Barclay James Harvest - don't know if you've heard them - they were around in the seventies.....sorry to compare....its a compliment....and you've given it a cool modern edge that makes it stand out as quite original. I think its the vocal harmonies that remind me of BJH. Its cool. I like it. I use a lot of vocal harmonies in my stuff.

I enjoyed listening - many thanks.
- recurl

"EPK Listener Review #2"

Gentlemen - Great Work! These 3 songs really show your diversity when approaching the creation of a song. Even though the project I'm in seems to be a 180 from where you're at, it pulled me in and I respect let alone appreciate the originality. Keep pushing and your day will come.

Musically ~ Anton Fish (Soul'd Out)

- AntonFish

"EPK listener #3"

Kick ass punk rock man. Good production awesome vocals. Why aren't you on the warped tour?

Dave - Dave of Knownboudaries

"EPK listener #4"

This is good. And did I mention "fun"? The kids should love it.
- Lukali


Adobofest review 2005!
- Paula ter kuile


"Paul Godfrey has the ability to combine thought- provoking lyrics with melodic, simple, but catchy melodies with pleasant vocals." CMW 2004 - CANADIAN MUSIC WEEK 2004

"this. @ adobofest"

As MFS cleared the stage Rex made way for 'This'. Yeah that's right next was 'This'. Carefull inspection of This' band crew sort of threw me off. First there was the rhythm guitar player, Ian, who had hair like a retro Kirk Hammett. Their lead guitar and vox, Paul, reminded me of Eminem with his cleancut looks, baggy pants, and folded touque. Chino, their drummer impressed me as someone who looked like a straight A student. Although as much as they had an ironic mixture of styles their sound and performance was, literally, far from it. The moment Ian belted out that skreaching voice there was no question that they were for real. I was not only impressed by Paul's guitar skills but moreso was I impressed with Chino's drumming performance and accuracy. He was working down those syncopations as timely as a Swiss-made watch. Impressive. Their songs were unmistakable in influence and direction -- think 'Billy Talent'. For those talent seekers like myself I was looking at a band that will certainly get the chance to be in the limelight. It was just a question of when. 'This' was It, so to speak. After their performance I heard someone uttered the words ... 'That was freakin awesome!'. - Phil Mark - Radioinsectrecords

"Paul Godfrey of this. Top 5 songs"

Song "dreaming"Top 5 songs
Dale Kawashima
I am pleased to tell you that your song "dreaming" was named one of the Top 5 songs in the Songwriter Universe Contest.

Dale Kawashima
Songwriter Universe - Dale Kawashima - Songwriter Universe


"What Makes You So Different" 2006 ETM
"AGO 3A0" 2005 Wanted
"Hey" 2004 Dr Lang Studios

Before this.

GLIB (Paul and Darryl)
"Recover" Deschamps Studios 2000
"S.O.S" Deschamps Studios 2001

Paul Godfrey
"Halfway" Artfist co. 2002

Canadian Music Week 2004 Comp Disc
" Halfway"

Darryl Hogan w/ Kattie Griffen - 2002

Chino De villa "Look" 2001
Ian De villa "Left me roses" 1998



THIS is often compared to the works of the Foo Fighters, Weezer, Iron Maiden, AC/DC and Boston. All of these are clearly different bands but this creates catchy tunes with heavy riffs. Fast songs your friends can go nuts to in the mosh pit, soft tunes that will capture sentimental hearts, and riff-rock that even parents appreciate.

THIS's summer tour has widened the bands fan base and social circle. Strong relationships with other bands will create an easier avenue to tour like THIS is doing this summer. Some bands think and act like they are rock stars before they even attempt to tour. THIS knows better. Godfrey claims "Musicians we are not here to compete, but rather, share our talents along with our knowledge of the business side of the industry in order to keep what is ours, ours!"

Paul Godfrey and Ian Devilla rock the stage with their combination of guitar and vocal harmonies while being backed by the tight rhythm section made up of Darryl Hogan and Chino Devilla. Once the lights go down, take a step back, or be blown away by the first chord! This band is not messing around. It is high energy at its finest. THIS is loud.

THIS is not a screamo, emo, or any other type of boyband hiding behind guitars. THIS is here to rock out. Tracks like "Move On", " I can't Dance", and " What makes you so different?" really get the crowd going, while " Cat's n Cradles", "Kissing You" and "Never End" shifts the set to more soft intimate tunes about failed relationships.

Darryl Hogan joined "THIS" to replace the former bass player in the beginning of 2005. Since then the band has recorded "AGO 3A0" and recently "What Makes You So Different?” The band remains independent, keeping control of what so many industry professionals want to take advantage of.

Paul Godfrey and Darryl Hogan formerly of a group called "GLIB", which lasted six years, have a strong history in the recording field. Darryl who currently is a recording engineer at ETM has recorded with Kattie Griffen and members of The Odds. In 2004 Paul Godfrey created an acoustic album titled "Halfway" and was described by Canadian Music Week as a musician who “creates simply melodic tunes with thought-provoking lyrics".

Ian and Chino Devilla arrived in Canada in the year 2000. Performing in several bands together the two have a strong like-minded way of thinking towards music. In Indonesia Ian recorded his single “Left Me Roses" which gained him an audience at a young age. Once in Canada Chino recorded his solo album "Look", which has a Tool-like feel to it.

In 2005 This performed on the same stage as Theory of a Deadman at Belleville Waterfront Festival. On Labor Day Weekend 2006 This will be sharing the stage with Anti-Hero and High Holy Days at Bala Indie Fest 2006 an event that This is assisting to make an unforgettable event. THIS is a sharing band, not a selfish band. Paul Godfrey states “Musicians should help one another to find opportunities and warn other bands about sketchy people, festivals, companies who will try to rip you off. THIS is on the look out “.

In 2006 they recorded their latest album and are touring parts of Canada and the USA to promote "What Makes You So Different?”. The new album "What Makes You So Different" is anticipated to be released in summer 2007.