This Again

This Again


This Again is a Minneapolis based post-punk/electro outfit whose songs intertwine hip-hop/electro beats, post-punk driven guitar and melodic vocals. This Again has been compared to The Postal Service, Fugazi, Le Tigre, and The Notwist.


This Again makes melodic post-punk driven by beats and samples in Minneapolis. This Again is Steve Dillon, who has been playing in various bands throughout the mid-west for the last ten years, while also being actively involved in various progressive/radical movements. This Again brings together hip-hop/electro beats with post-punk guitar, melodic vocals and personally-politically charged lyrics. This combination creates music that is exciting, moving and original. Amidst countless bands that recycle the same songs with the same lyrics and a political culture that recycles the same distortions and excuses, This Again strives the follow the lead of bands like Sonic Youth, From monuments to Masses, Fugazi, Sleater-Kinney, etc. by being both innovative and politically relevant.

This Again burst onto the Minneapolis music scene in the spring of 2007 and has been playing through out the Twins Cities region and the Midwest. A late fall tour is in the works and a 5-6 song e.p.


DEMO 2007
Untitled EP Coming Soon-label to be announced

Set List

7-9 songs: 35-45 minutes (All Original)

Change the subject
Put on your tie
I'll Crawl
Somewhere Inside
Another Day
I can't stand