This City Defects

This City Defects

 Calgary, Alberta, CAN



Based out of Calgary, Alberta "This City Defects" began as early as 2007 when Adam Lamb (guitar) and Matt Doherty (Drums) began writing songs together well playing in another local band LINT(Now broke up).Since then TCD has been relentlessly touring and writing,and has embarked on several USA/Canadian tours releasing 2 full length albums and are in the process of releasing a 7" with 2 different USA labels.

The groups influences are far ranging, Artists such as Brainiac,John Zorn,Hella,Tera Melos,,Dirty Projectors,Sonny Sharrock,The Blood Brothers,,Extra Life just to name a few.Their energetic live performances confirm the groups sense of reckless abandonment, and you'd be hard pressed to find the same amount of ambitious song writing from your favorite local punk band. This City Defects doesn't attempt to fit into any particular genre, and feels right at home in any sort of musical situation.


LP-"Two From Constant"


Set List

This City Defects set list is as long or as short as the concert requires.