This City Defects

This City Defects


This City Defects incorporate various influences into their ever changing sound,and are known for their over the top energetic live show.


his City Defects was formed in late 2007 by Adam Lamb (Guitar) and Joshua Wong (Vocalist). Aaron MacInnis (Guitar) and Mathew Doherty (Drums) joined Adam and Joshua in early 2008. Both musicians currently play with Adam in the Calgary based band - LINT. Bassist Aaron Scholpp joined The City Defects in mid 2008.

This City Defects has played some impromptu shows around Calgary and have been interviewed as well as featured on local radio stations. This City Defects will be releasing their first full-length 11 song LP in the summer of 2009. Although receiving multiple offers from various independent record labels, we chose to release our debut album on our own. The release will be followed by copious amounts of touring throughout the year. This City Defects is currently booking shows in various cities across North America, and will be playing local and Alberta wide shows in early summer.

Our music is an array of different influences ranging from jazz fusion, punk rock, funk and ambients to math rock.


Set List

This City Defects set list is as long or as short as the concert requires.

1.The Fragile Host
5.Apex Of The tongue
8.The Toothcomb
11.The Erratum Flux
12.An Other De Nova
13.Vade Mecum