This City In Ashes

This City In Ashes


This City In Ashes is a new promise for the next generation with an incorporation of the old generation of metal. A band full of energy and passion with the drive to deliver a gospel to all those that will hear. This City In Ashes uses technicality not to impress but to improve the overall sound.


This City In Ashes, through several incarnations, has polished and refined their take on metalcore, striking a balance between melody and dissonance, groove and technicality. The Eastern Kentucky outfit has recently recorded their debut EP, ‘Concepts’, with Brandon Brinegar of Upstream Studio. The group is committed to Christian ministry not only through their music, but also by showing the changes in their own lives, owing to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. With plans in the works for an aggressive touring schedule through the South and Midwest coinciding with the release of their first effort, This City In Ashes has both proficiency and the promise to ably fill the shoes of their musical predecessors.


"Concepts" EP-2011
To Walk On Water and The Wolf-Streaming via Facebook

Set List

One Flew East
The Wolf
To Walk On Water