This Dancefloor!

This Dancefloor!



Born from the acoustic musings of Alasdair McClintock, ‘This Dancefloor!’ was formed in early 2009 with two other close friends to unleash their inner rock stars. Having played in and around Sydney over the past six months, supporting the likes of Decorated Generals and Tales in Space, they have just released their debut EP ‘Prelude’ and are now ready to take the first tentative steps in the big, bad music world all on their own. Who knows what will happen? But with a DIY philosophy, it is certain they will continue to produce their own brand of Indie, Electro, Punk for as long as they can keep it fresh, energetic, and real. 2009 has been a year of learning and growing as a band and individuals, with their debut album now in the works, hopefully 2010 will lead to bigger and brighter things!



Written By: Alasdair McClintock

All I see are rainbows and trees, and you and me. A perfect scene. A perfect dream. No need to sleep, we’ve got perfection right here.

I’ll be your light, we’ll be alright, we’ll use the rainbows as our guides. We’ll fly into these rain cleared skies.

As the birds sing, their songs will bring a soulful tune to this place, where you’ll find my embrace, and the smile on your face will be the finest thing I have ever seen.

I hold you oh so long, now you’re all I know (And this, this bliss, we’ll spend forever like this?).


Prelude EP