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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Live Performance - Nashville, TN"

This Day Forever is a current assault on the rock world with exploding harmonies and a fresh unique dual-vocal style. The live show is Powerful and Energetic. A must see!

Kelly Post -
Nashville, TN
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
- Kelly Post/GM/MiddleManMusic

"Skully's - 2/4/05 - Columbus, OH"

“THIS DAY FOREVER is the SHIT! Even with the technical difficulties (that would kill most bands) they managed to pull off an unbelievable show. For those of you who have not yet heard this band, I think of them as a mix between FAR, Deftones, NIN, and Thursday. TDF is one of the most amazing bands out!”
- Queeby/

"TDF Demo Review"

This Day Forever seems to take their cues from some of the heavier post-hardcore bands that inspired the nu-metal movement (Quicksand, Helmet, Far). It’s a little too mainstream sounding for the extremists, and doesn’t have any rapping or sampling (which I’m sure will turn off the frat boys). But as my old college roommates will attest, had this band been around in ’92 or ’93 I would never have missed a show.

Chip Midnight/Atomic Ned
- Chip Midnight/Atomic Ned -

"Band Review"

Very few (rock) bands nowadays are able to offer what This Day Forever does. Music that is real and honest...and played with excellence I might add. It’s also original, refreshing…and without the studio tricks so evident in a lot of music today.
- Fc Bester/FcB Mastering

"Reviews of 'Tomorrow'"

Here are a few reviews of our song "Tomorrow." This song was written in 2000, and recorded in March of 2002 (note the reviewers comments about sounding modern).

"One of the few original/modern sounding rock bands that I've come across. Great job! This song has hooks out the ass!"
- P9sBEAST from Chicago, Illinois - May2005

"Everything sounded great with this tune (guitars, drums, bass, vox, production). With this tune I really do not see why it wouldn't be played on the radio."
- SyfinPaul from Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada - May2005

"This is very modern sounding, which is usually a bad thing, but this has a lot more balls than a large amount of bands making it big right now. Melodic Hard rock should sound like this! Good catchy riffs, singalong vocals, and some good arrangement (love the doubletime at the end)...short and sweet! A top quality track!"
- Mockingbirdred from Lancaster, Lancashire, United Kingdom - May2005

"Damn... this is good stuff! My advice for this one is to get it on the radio...this could catch on!"
- thejacket from Centerport, New York - May2005

"MPMF 2005 Artist Showcase"

"Letting their Rock flag fly proudly, TDF delivers smooth verses and chunky melodies (or vice versa) set to a thick rhythm section and topped with energetic vocals. It's a wonder the band doesn't need a five minute breather between songs. Their first EP, "...and so the story begins", is a lush and loud mix that represents the band perfectly."

Dig it: Lifehouse, King's X, Quicksand
(EW) - CityBeat - Cincinnatti, OH

"R.R. Review - 7/2007"

"I loved the music...very memorable sound and look. These guys are very good! TDF will no doubt go far within the music business!"
- Rikki Rockett - Poison

"Joey Z. Review - 3/2007"

"Heartfelt...passionate...memorable. This band should have been signed years ago!" - Joey Z. - L.O.A/Carnivore

"Mia Tyler (re: My Addiction tour video)"

Millions of people send me videos and songs and yours was the first one I watched till the end. It was awesome to see all the places you have been and the song (My Addiction) was perfect. Good job!! You get an A+ from me!!

- Mia Tyler


Demo Releases:
The Armstrong Sessions (1999)
The Element Sessions (2000)
The Jonas Sessions (2001)
The Real Nobody Sessions (2002/2003)
TDF: 'A Collection of Me' - Unreleased Demos (2005/2006)

EP Release:
"...and so the story begins" EP (2004)
"First Impressions" EP (2008)

Radio Support:

United States:
WBZX 99.7 FM - Columbus, OH
WWCD 101.1 FM - Columbus, OH
90.3 FM/104.7 FM, iRADIO LA - Los Angeles, CA
KXLU - Los Angeles, CA
WAMX 106.3 FM - Huntington, WV
KVRX - Austin, TX
WJCU - Cleveland, OH
WNYU - New York, NY
WSOU - Buffalo, NY
WBER - Rochester, NY

209 RADIO/105 FM - Cambridge, UK

Various i-radio stations across the globe



“Contagious...Passionate...Real. Music fueled by nothing less than pure emotion.”

From the Midwest comes a powerful brand of music fueled by nothing less than pure emotion. Duel vocalists weave through contagious pop laden melodies, over a wall of massive soul-shaking rhythm and driving guitars. Combining musical influences drawn from many musical styles within each member, TDF manages to create a sound that they are proud to call their own.

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, TDF was originally formed in the spring of 2000 as a result of several of Columbus’ top acts dissolving and reforming. Throughout the years the band has firsthand experienced the ups and downs of the music world, establishing itself as a serious contender within the industry. The lineup, comprised of brothers Will and Ken Newsome, Paul Cunningham and Chad Greenwald, understand the importance of having the perfect chemistry. “With everyone sharing the same vision and level of commitment…everything finally feels in its right place.”

Where 2005-06 was filled with writing, recording and performances (over 100+ shows/self-supported system), the band took time away from the stage to focus on writing and recording with several top producers in late 2006/2007:

Neil Ostrovsky - Bside Audio/Chicago, IL
(The Darkness, Local H, Oh My God)

Joey Z. - Method of Groove/Brooklyn, NY
(Life of Agony, Stereomud, Carnivore)

Ben Schigel - Spider Studios/Strongsville, OH
(Drowning Pool, etc)

In mid 2007 TDF re-emerged, performing to a SOLD OUT crowd in their hometown, with word quickly spreading from coast to coast. Within a short time the band started receiving interest from several labels (Universal, Warner Bros, etc), signing a management deal with UVT Entertainment. The band continued throughout the year by performing multiple showcases in NYC, finishing out the year by tracking newer versions of material with producer, Ben Schigel.

In 2008 TDF ventured out, performing two U.S. tours, traveling over 6,200 miles (per outing) across the U.S. Highlights included showcasing for Warner Brothers, Universal/Geffen, Activision (among others), performing at clubs such as the Whisky A Go Go and Knitting Factory, as well as performing for a rowdy 4,000+ (Buckeye Bash held in California, pre USC vs. OSU football game).

Whether listening to, or witnessing a live performance, it’s evident that 'TDF' isn’t looking to follow a trend…they are in the process of naturally creating one that they are proud to call their very own.

Performed with national acts:
HURT (Capitol)
Life of Agony (Epic)
Sevendust (TVT)
Days of the New
Bobaflex (TVT)
Mushroomhead (Universal)
Type O Negative (Roadrunner)
Bayside (Victory)
Slaves On Dope (Bieler Bros)
Vanilla Ice (Roadrunner)
Kid Rock
Nick Oliveri (of Mondo Generator)
Dope (Artemis)
Double Driver (Roadrunner)
Static X (Warner Bros)
Powerman 5000
Misfits (Geffen)
Rookie of The Year (one eleven)
12 Stones (Wind-Up)
Evans Blue (Hollywood)
Submersed (Wind-Up)
Framing Hanley
Keith Caputo
(and many more)

Endorsement Companies:
Audix microphones
Michael Kelly Guitars
Kustom Amplification
SIT Strings
Genz Benz Amplification
MONO cases
Curt Mangan strings
Barker basses
Count BassE
Gorilla Body Jewery