This Day On

This Day On


Tampa, Florida's This Day On stands out with their eclectic and energetic style of modern, melodic rock. Their songs of faith and hope are both uplifting and unique, and truly come alive in the band's passionate and adrenaline-filled live show.


This Day On began at a local Tampa church in May of 1998. Soon thereafter they chose the name Fyreproof and began playing in the area. In the spring of 2001, they recorded their first full-length cd. They later added bassist Taylor Ard to the line up as their former bass player pursued new avenues. With the addition of Taylor and their first cd under their belt, they began to push themselves to grow musically and as performers. Since then, This Day On has been given hundreds of opportunities to play venues both large and small, in and out of state. In May of 2004 they officially changed their name to This Day On and released their second full length self-titled cd. They continue to play every chance they get, and they're excited about what the future holds. Guitarist John B. Sutton says of the band, "We feel very blessed to be able to do what we love to do."


This Day On
With A "Y"
It's About Time

Set List

This Day On's typical set usually lasts 50 - 60 minutes. A current set consists of these songs:

Fear Not
What We Do
Seek First
Come Soon
Heartfelt Cliche