This Divine Tragedy

This Divine Tragedy


Metal For The Masses. Hard Hitting, Raw, And Passionate!


Hailing from a near desolate town in Ohio, This Divine tragedy arrived in 2008 with some of the most awe-inspiring metal that the Ohio valley has ever heard. With catchy hooks, brutal screams, heavy guitar riffs, and fierce drum lines; This Divine Tragedy fans agree that they have truly re-invented the metal scene in Ohio.

This Divine Tragedy holds nothing back. Their intense live shows and songs capture the audience’s attention while displaying their passion to perform!


"Beyond The Shadows" EP
5 Tracks Total, 2 Tracks Have Been Featured On WVNU, And CROU

Set List

Typical Set Runs About An Hour. Featuring Up To 10 Songs.
Guaranteed To Play...
1.Tragic Lovestory
2. Running Away
3. Avenge The Fallen
4. Aerobics Give Me A Boner
5. Dying Inside
6. This Ones For You "Miss Smith"
7. Beauty Of A Decaying Rose