This Episode

This Episode


Songwriting that grips you. Melodies that are unforgetable. Lyrics that aim for the human emotion. Dressed in a sophisticated sound that is as familiar as it is unique. With a visual style that boasts creativity and personality of its own.


This Episode is an artistic vision, a coming together of 2 personalities sharing ideas and writing songs about life experiences...the struggles, the victories, and the daydreams. This Episode originated in New York City a few years ago, through a Village Voice ad "looking for guitar player into Suede & Morrissey." Kenward showed up among a crowd of lunatics. A collaboration was born, energy flowing, a bond shared. After a number of shows, recording tapes upon tapes sent out, people of all walks of life stating that the band was ahead of their time, This Episode decided to move their project abroad: to Paris...from Paris to London and from London to Las Vegas where we decided to change the town, until the town changed us. Our attentions shifted to other projects, working with different musicians. Desi would find herself in Chicago, Kenward back in the Big Apple but all the while sending songs to each other through the mail, and commuting to record. Having attracted the ears of producer Rick Parker (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Von Bondies, Tyler Hilton) with whom This Episode has completed recording their debut with. Desi & Kenward recruited Vegas alumni’s Trevor Mayfield on drums, and bassman Charles Henry to round out the line up of the band as This Episode continues to perform and raise their profile.


Move On

Written By: Desi Blondell & Kenward Cooper

Move On, Move On
Do you want to trade adventures, fall in love?
Move On, Move On
Pictures lying on the floor, I don’t recognize this place no more

Everyday just repeats itself, over & over, give me a sign
Brushstrokes over faded skies, passing faceless people on commuter lines

This Time, This Time
We got to sort these things out, erase all doubt
Break Out, Break Out
Swallowed by the town, burst the clouds

Everything is just passing by, repeating the same feelings, grow old and die
Everything is an emotional tide, illustrate the distance between space & time

You want it today, if you can’t grab, it you crash and burn
You want it today, when lessons are learned, you turn the page

Is it the end?

It’s not over…


debut release "Warm Up My Defenses" available on
Radio airplay on Indie103.1
Songs currently licensed to MTV Networks and
ABC Television.
New '08 remixes by Dave Pemberton (Kylie, The Prodigy, Supergrass).

Set List

songs from our release "Warm Up My Defenses"
35 - 40min.