A Mass Fiasco

A Mass Fiasco


A Mass Fiasco is a band with a passion for music and the overarching goal to bring an end to world hunger one child at a time. They also want to build relationships and work on growing and building leaders out of the younger generation. They hope to inspire and give emotion to all


A Mass Fiasco was formed in 2006 in Memphis, TN when a group of guys all with the same passion sat in a room and talked over what they wanted to happen. This Pop Rock group throughout time has developed goals, and visions that they want to follow, and by which they want to present their music with the hope to touch peoples lives.

These goals and visions that they set are all very close to them in specific ways.
Goals- To encourage and uplift a younger generation- They feel that so many teens of todays society are falling into sin and temptation by all that the world throws at us, and as a band they know its not easy themselves.
They also want to work towards putting an end to World Hunger- whether this involves sponsoring one child or ten of them they want to end world hunger child by child.
They want to create music that is fresh and speaks to people- They want to be able to connect with people by their music, and also try to do things that sound different from other music out there.
And finally they want to mature in leadership as well as musicianship- They want to use the gifts they have been provided in the best possible way and at the same time be humble and be leaders to others.

Their vision- To creat music that will connect with people on a broad spectrum, while living as examples of professional musicians, with compassion for others through relationship building, and providing a voice to the hungry thoughout the world.

This Fiasco, although going through many changes of band members and locations in the US, they want to strive to play music for a living and keeping a burning passion for the one who gave them their gifts and who has created them.


Invisible Airwaves Ep-
Miss Communication
The Ghost
Monster with Bright Golden Hair

More songs to come.