This Filthy Seed

This Filthy Seed

 Sydney, New South Wales, AUS
BandRockClassic Rock

Rock music has no known natural predators outside of record companies. This Filthy Seed is rock at its gruelling best.


This Filthy Seed was born in the superheated core of the rock and roll furnace back in 2007. There have been many who have braved the temperature of that forge and not survived, good men gone down to the slavish adherence the band places on tightness and gut crunching delivery of the Seed's seminal message: all who fail to embrace the power of rock will indeed perish over their garden salad and chardonnay. To quote Shakespeare: by the pricking of my thumb, something seedy this way comes. See This Filthy Seed, before the end of the world and rock redemption may just reach you in time!


"New World Boarders" debut album by This Filthy Seed, thru anathema music 2011.