This Frozen Star

This Frozen Star


This Frozen Star don't sound like other bands and, most importantly, they don't sound like other bands in a GOOD way. They play indie rock, with lively splashes of blues, folk, and they keep the shoegazing to a minimum.


This Frozen Star are inspired by predictable things such as love, as well as less predictable things like franchise steakhouses and electric grandmothers. They don't sound like other bands and, most importantly, they don't sound like other bands in a GOOD way.

Influenced by anyone who's doing something differently and doing it well...your Arcade Fires, your Radioheads, Pixies, Stone Roses and so on.

The results: Nervous rock spliced together with delicate beauty. Intergalactic gunslingers kicking ass and taking names.

They say five listens are worth 1000 stupid descriptions.

"When I listen to these guys, I imagine that I am on the open road riding on a motorcycle through the desert, looking at the landscape enjoying my surroundings." - BFR Magazine

"This self-titled EP is a very cleverly-written, cohesive piece of Australian indie rock that recalls some of the greats." - Time Off


You Never Asked for a Saviour

Written By: Mark Bretherton

Half-way between the street lamp and the night
In front of some old movie house
Your half-lidded eyes and your French liberty
Began to surrender to me
And somewhere an accordion wheezed out La Vie En Rose
It was then that you asked me to follow you home
To Paris, into the unknown

And I tried to nail myself to a cross for you:
So beautiful, so very lost
Tore up my roots and got on the first breeze
That carried me over the seas

Oh babe we were so happy then
We were rich in a poor kind of way
Those first weeks we wrote storybook love
With page after page of white doves
We swung off the streetlamps
And we were an ache in the heart of the moon
We were stars in the world that we'd made
Till the afterglow started to fade...

And I mailed myself right across the world to find you and ended up lost
A wayward explorer amazed by the speed
That the wind turned and whipped up the seas

Oh, a crash! Here comes reality
It connects like a punch in the face
You doused my name and you set it alight
And Paris is Burning tonight
We grew so bored with each other
and you took to our hearts with an axe
Hacked up the pieces, wood-chipped the scraps
Torched them, there's no going back

And I nailed myself to a cross for you were so beautiful, so very lost
Can't we take it again from the start?
Because this sounds like love falling apart
And I'm a sunbeam trapped in the ice
I tried to save you, we both paid the price
And it's such a long fall from that height
I should never have tried to play Christ

Second Hand Smoke

Written By: This Frozen Star

Well you blew into here like second hand smoke
And gave me a look that said all that you think
Then you cut through my defences with your hollow-tipped words
And flew out of here, left your sting in my cheek

I've been breathing in your poison
Till it leaches out to choke my worried mind
But when you wrap the night around me I can't think of any sweeter way to die
Well I'm not saying you're too expensive, but I just took a second mortgage on my soul
And we've both been working our alibis till the trail runs cold

Well I was high on second hand hope
We could both stop our low-down cheating ways and forget the past
But you treated me like some second hand joke
Then you shattered my composure with your bunker-busting laugh


This Frozen Star (EP) - 2007.
Second Hand Smoke - Album TBA 2009.

Set List

One or two sets, each 40-45 mins and containing a diverse mix of songs. Occasional covers.