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This Girl, That Boy

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Band Pop


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"Music Recommendation #25 - Even in the Future Nothing Works"

This Girl, That Boy, is a Canadian band, hailing from Edmonton Alberta Canada. Any band that has been around a few years, a band of which marks their only official release to date, as a 5 song self titled EP, isn’t likely going to be a story line that will capture a lot of interest, which makes it safe to say this band has been tremendously under looked considering their current musical accomplishments, and their forthcomings, which are said to be very near. In all kindness, to me this band sounds very little like their influences, all because there is a certain originality flowing in throughout their songs. Although influences may be the bread and butter for upstart bands, this band has enough confidence to go out there and for all practical purposes, to do their own thing.

EP’s rarely blow people away due to their shortness and also since they are normally served to tease and wet appetites, and this was no exception, although this self titled release certainly gives me the feeling what is next for this band certainly holds the potential to blow our ears away. What may attach listeners to This Girl, That Boy perhaps could be the emotions captured, and the poignancy of the vocals. They leave me waiting and wondering, which direction will they go and how far. Why would I worry this? I want them to play right here in Nebraska : )

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Recommended if you like: Hideka, Ivy, early Keane, The Wandering Bears, Spencer McGillicutty, early Stills, late Mahogany, Sondre Lerche, Honey and Darling; - Even in the Future Nothing Works - Series Two Records - Nebraska USA

"CBC Radio One's EdPod Program"

February 2010 - featured on CBC Radio One's EdPod Program with Ron Wilson.
Go to then click on This Girl, That Boy - CBC Radio (on air)

"This Girl, That Boy: Back in the Saddle"

This Girl, That Boy: Back in the saddle
This Girl, That Boy reunites and evolves

Ashley Kascak /

At a noticeable 5-foot-3, what Donna Mae Kennedy lacks in height she makes up for in talent fronting Edmonton indie-pop band This Girl, That Boy. It's not exactly atypical to be short or to be a woman fronting a band, but Kennedy says being an Asian woman with a big voice at the front of a Caucasian band has always generated a reaction.

"Being Filipino, it kind of takes people by surprise because they don't expect me to be fronting the band," says Kennedy. "They are usually like, 'What the? That voice is coming from you? How is that possible,' she laughs. "It's the stereotype too. It's kind of like, 'Aren't Asians supposed to be good at math or something?'

"Then again, I'm not really seeing a lot of female Asians fronting the band," she adds. "That's another goal of mine: to really put someone like me—a female minority—to the forefront of the Canadian music industry."

Like most aspiring artists, getting to the forefront of the industry—or even heard in your hometown—isn't an easy feat. And there are no exceptions for This Girl, That Boy.

The band had been together for six years before its split in 2005. After a two-year hiatus, love duo—Kennedy and guitarist Colin Kennedy—and original drummer Kobi Pfaeffli decided it was time to give it another go.

Kennedy says it clicked better the second time around, but it wasn't an easy evolution to become grounded in their musical identity.
"It was kind of a rotating door because bass players are hard to come by, and it's hard to find band members that are on the same wavelength as you," explains Kennedy. "Katie is our newest edition. She was the missing puzzle piece."

Keyboardist Katie Olsson balanced the sexes of the band six months ago, and now Kennedy and husband Colin switch off bass. With a comfortable balance, This Boy, That Girl recorded its soon-to-be released self-titled EP.

"The changes are really realizing we are what we are," admits Kennedy. "We grew through group chemistry. It's just there, and it's so much more present than it was before we broke up. It's now like here is our music, and I hope that it speaks louder." V

Wed, Dec 9 (7 pm)
This Girl, That Boy
With Cockatoo
The Ivory Club and Ebony Grille,
$5 (advance), $8 (door) - Vue Weekly


Oct 2010 - Golden*

Dec 2009 - This Girl, That Boy (EP, self-titled)*

2002 - Aurora Copper

* - tracks stream on CBC Radio 3, Reverb Nation



This Girl, That Boy is an indie-pop band who entered the Edmonton music scene in 2007. Lifelong friends, DonnaMae, Colin, Kobi and Katie made the group official after intense music-making in the basement led to numerous performances all over town.

In 2009, their debut album, a self-titled EP, was released in December which garnered media attention from CBC Radio and local music magazines. The release of their retro-influenced music video to the uber-catchy “Renegade Love”, just fuelled their growing popularity.

The completion of "Golden", co-produced by well-known local sound engineer Doug Organ, was launched on October 29, 2010. Tracks have been in regular rotation on THEX 92.5 FM Kamloops and CJLO in Montreal. This Girl, That Boy's musical evolution is evident and nicely surprising once audiences get an earful of standout tracks such as “Heat in the Night” and "Hold On". DonnaMae’s syrupy vocals, prolific lyrics and effervescent guitar work, Katie’s melodious synths, Kobi and Colin’s energetic drum and bass repartee - constructs a solid album teeming with undeniably memorable tunes. This Girl, That Boy’s new album is a tour de force; so look out for the band to be a major part in the pop landscape for years to come.