This Holiday Season

This Holiday Season


This Holiday Season is a fun indie rock band that you want to lift your hands in the air and dance from beginning to end.


This Holiday Season formed in Milwaukee WI in late 2004 by four original members. Now having Mike Makurat and Steven Kasprzyk being the only two original members and picking up Matt Kachar along the way they have made a band that they are proud of and ready to take their music to the next level.
This Holiday Season is a 100% independent band dealing with anything from booking all of their own shows to recording, mixing, mastering, and getting their debut EP pressed with no help from a label, doing all of their promotion themselves and the only reason they do it is because they want to. They want to write music and play it for anyone who wants to listen to it with the hopes to have their music enjoyed by people everywhere.


This Holiday Season- I'll Move When I'm Ready To

Songs on XM Radio Channel 52.

Set List

Strawberry Blonde
I Hate Parties Like This
Indiana State Line
Lets Go Domino
If Only You
There's a City
Alright Friends Alright