This Horrible Machine

This Horrible Machine

 Lafayette, Louisiana, USA


This Horrible Machine is an experimental deathcore band from Lafayette, Louisiana. Though it was formed in January 2008, the band did not have a solid line-up until March 2009. The band's goal, since it's inception, has been to create a different breed of metal that is inspired not only by various metal genres, but also by the members' personal tastes, including a wide variety of styles.

Their influences range from post-rock, folk, and ambient to death metal, death core, and post-metal. This Horrible Machine recorded it's first official album in May 2009 with producer/engineer Brian Hood at 456 Recordings in Alabama. It is an EP titled "Dead Air" and features 6 tracks including an intro. Shortly
after leaving the studio, THM was picked up by Outerloop Management and current band manager, Brian Judge.


Dead Air (Part 1)

Written By: Christopher Gelpi

We awoke to the emptiness of eerie silence. This place is stale and smells of flesh and disease. What is left of the world we once called home, is now this wasteland. My vision is obscured, hiding the extent of the damage that's occured. Abandoned in what feels like a hell on earth. The grip of the serpent is only getting tighter. What have we done to deserve becoming a feast for the dead? Fuck. This can't be the end, I refuse to just curl up and die. Gasping. Shaking. But still grasping the will to survive. My lungs will adapt and learn to breathe dead air. We will arise and show you true fucking fear. You will remember us.

Hard Rain

Written By: Christopher Gelpi

Fuck. It's just a matter of days we can survive in this place. Everything that could have possibly gone wrong has gone to shit. Ditches now form our graves, and call us to this resting place. They know us by our names and call us to the soil. An open mouth, the hungriest of beasts is waiting patiently to tear us all limb from limb, and harvest our blood. We fix our eyes on the sky that waits to collapse upon us, and crush our bones. It would seem as though our plans have failed. I am surrounded by the bodies of the ones i have loved. Our numbers have been thinned by disease. Severed limbs, jaws, and innards cover our homes. Teeth erupt from the soil, the ground is split in two. The rain just pours. There is no evacuation, just judgment left for us. The hungriest of beasts is waiting to tear us all limb from limb. No one will remember us, no one will remember us when we're gone. When we are gone.


Written By: Tyler Gwin

Look at you cower like a fool in the grip of an evil being. No rescue will come for us, we are all condemned to our fate. We are condemned to our fate. More and more godless beings crawl from the depths. We are the last standing ones of our kind. When the dust is settled, blood will blanket the dirt. There will be nothing left but to count the dead. Count the dead. Looking out from the inside. Searching for the perfect place to hide, looking out from the inside. You will never be satisfied until all you loved has died.


Written By: Tyler Gwin

Your words try to pierce an organ of stone.
Speaking truths from a god that I have never even known.
Searching the frames of my mind. Caught by the sun I am blind.
Living this reality is a nightmare.
We are lost but I cant seem to fucking care.
We are all too late this world has brought upon its own destruction.
This demon in me takes control of my mind, steering this flesh and bone.
In the end, I will slip into unconsciousness.
My memories will fade to dark, and it will be as if I never were.
As we walk through the purging fires release me from this hell,
a world full of illusion and lies that I’ve made for myself.
You give yourself as a sacrifice

Children of Men

Written By: Christopher Gelpi

This is not news to me, not the first time i've lied sleepless clawing into aging flesh. How could I possibly fucking exist with my own thoughts spitting in my face? My nerves severed. My bones snapped. Reduced to shit. I am dead weight. My own lungs blackened by the burning waste of my potential. I dig graves. These breaths give way to another crippling god complex. This mind is a breeding ground for the next species. Life is becoming more obsolete with every passing day. What use is there for us when machines are becoming self-sustaining? We are subservient to beings made of gears. How quickly the complex system of organs has been cheapened by the discovery of animated steel. Humanity is worthless, but we still long to control our creations. we've rendered ourselves useless to mechanics. Life built from nothing. What walks is left to rot. We will never be repaired. We will just keep digging forever until we bury ourselves. Then we will decompose in the dirt from which we were derived.


EP - Dead Air