Your Cousins

Your Cousins

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Important Notice::::: We are no longer called "This Is a Stick Up". We are now called "Your Cousins". Check us out @


4 young lads and a lass. Our story is like any other band of immigrants thrown upon the tattered shores of America. One of love, life, the pursuit of the ever loving rock altar and sex. - Really though...with the end of 2002 nearing, Dan Vitucci and Chris Weingarten met up through a mutual friend and began writing music together. Subsequently, they met Ian Alberta and started the band Somatic Umbra; by 2005 they released their debut album "A Quiet Revolution" and won best Alternative Rock Album of the Year in Ithaca, NY. Their CD release party packed to an illegal capacity as they were gaining momentum with fans. By 2006-2007 the band, after a year and a half hiatus due to a tragedy in the family, later regrouped, starting Your Cousins, and wrote new material with drummer Brian Rahm and new members Walt Lorenzut and Kristen Sharkey. Their CD, "Like, fuck you man", is slated to be released late August/early September, and they're excited about it.


grow grow grow grow

Written By: Chris Weingarten



E.P - Like, Fuck You Man - Release Date , September '08

Set List

Calamity Jane
Grow Grow Grow
Piano Song
Read Up

set list typically runs about 50 min.