this is benji...

this is benji...


what happens when folk musicians grow weary of playing folk music?


what’s a benji?
born... blah blah blah... learned to sing and play guitar... had some influences... jeremy enigk, damien jurado, bob dylan... yackety yackety yack... learned to sing and play guitar simultaneously... blah blah blah... got some shows... and then... there he moped, in the spring of 2006, trying to figure out how he had come to a standstill after six years of playing maddening shows at an endless list of venues in colorado, minnesota, and oklahoma, when he had the idea of making a cd that wasn’t created in an apartment. so, in collaboration with ken stingfellow’s (rem, the posies, big star, the long winters, etc...) producing talents, he gave birth to this is benji... (a project more than a band), and his first of many albums, far too honest. now he’s off to tell them all about it.


everywhere you go

Written By: benji latham

how long i've waited for this to be in your eye/ ending up there god it'd be just like a dream of mine/ and its not so complicated you’re not standing here/ so wherever you are going ill be waiting there/ everywhere you go / hold on i've thought of something you should probably know/ ill be waiting waiting for you/ everywhere you go / i'm waiting there / believe it or not i've loved you since the day we met/ and it tends to break my heart but you haven’t seen me yet/ seen you around here walking talking and you know i'm near/ so if you’re not busy later ill be waiting there/ everywhere you go / i'm waiting there / there will be days you need someone/ and i will gladly be someone/ so go wherever you will go/ and there will i be waiting/ everywhere you go / i'm waiting there


this is benji... far too honest
benji --- filing me away

Set List

one to two hours of original music (ive been known to go as long as four hours, though sorely against it) tracks from albums and more...