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Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Pop




"Bright Matter - Alive"

Buzz Track: Alive

Electro act Bright Matter who we profiled last year will release a new album and has an upcoming show at The Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa, CA on May 7th. The album titled ‘There’s No Home For Us Here’ is described as 9 song atmospheric pop album centered around sci-fi love stories.
Contact: - Kings of

"Riff Raff’s Got a Record Deal: Making Sense of the Most Viral Human Being in Music"

...But despite the support, Riff Raff's career is hindered by his knack for putting middling raps on songs that could be huge for him. On "Dumb Shyt (feat. Wiz Khalifa)," which could have been Riff Raff's most popular song yet given Wiz's popularity, he's unremarkable, but on "You Never Know" by unknown Los Angeles electro-pop band Bright Matter, Riff Raff turns in a minute of lyrical genius. "His lyrics are so amazing," one Tumblrer wrote. "I felt the need to type them out for the world to experience them. He is Jesus Christ reincarnated."...
- Gawker

"New song - Astronaut"

Bright Matter, the electro pop project of Brian Graham we told you about back in December, have a new dramatic single out called “Astronaut”. The song is about an astronaut named Neil, whose ship breaks down orbiting Earth. This is one last, desperate plea to try to make one last effort to connect to anything. Reminds me a bit of the fantastic film Moon, and how awful and degrading the feeling of complete loneliness can be. The vocals are rightfully gigantic, and after hearing the track, feel ever so bad for Neil. - Handclap Movement

"BM on The Punk Rock Show (Interview)"

See link to video - DJ Rossstar (The Punk Rock Show)

"Bright Matter Releases EP for Free Download"

Bright Matter's made a name for himself with his ability to take listeners into different realms with his space-age, dreamy electro. His new EP, Falling Down, is no exception -- and if anything, it's taking his signature sound a step further. There's the eerie and atmospheric title-track, the piano driven and nostalgic "You Can't Relate", old familiar "Never Know", and the chilling "Ghost", all of which weave seamlessly into one another to create an effort that showcases the surreal. Think that sounds cool? Here's something cooler -- he's giving the whole thing away for a limited time over on his PV profile. Check it out, give it a download, and be sure to let us know your thoughts. - Purevolume

"Bright Matter"

Buzz Track: Never Know
Bright Matter has become a Kings favorite after getting turned on to his latest track Never Know. The video for “Never Know” is currently on Fuse TV On Demand as part of their unsigned artist series in May. His latest EP was self produced and released in March.
For fans of Foster The People, etc. - Kings of A&R - Dean Cramer

"Bright Matter's Astronaut - Song of the Day"

Bright Matter's new single, "Astronaut," certainly lives up to its title thanks to space-age synth, electro soundscapes, and vocals that float weightlessly above it all. The electro-rocker has formed a sort of signature sound with these glittering, atmospheric pieces, and this number only grows from that foundation as it more deeply explores those uncharted territories of time and space. Give it a spin, and grab it as a free download to soundtrack your own inter-gallactic quests. - Purevolume

"Bright Matter's eerie new video "Run""

Bright Matter, a project from Brian Graham, has an eerie new video out for single, “Run”. The video takes a very twisted, unexpected turn halfway through, and you’ll be reminded of a certain famous Hitchcock film. Maybe it shouldn’t be that surprising, as the dark brooding song, is a very romantic tale, that certainly has traces of love gone very, very wrong.

You can buy the single over at ITunes now. - Handclap Movement

"Bright Matter's "Run" Video Is a Romantic Horror Story"

Rising LA electro artist Bright Matter has a new video for "Run," but it's no feel-good dance party. Beginning as an innocent, sunny romance, the story takes a dark turn at the midpoint. Queasy viewers will want to quit at the two-minute mark and savor the good memories before everything goes grim.

If you like what you hear, head to Bright Matter's profile for a free download of "Run," and stay tuned for more. - Purevolume

"Bright Matter's "Never Know" -- Song of the Day"

Bright Matter's blend of electro, experimental pop leans more towards the ethereal than what you would expect from the genre. His voice plays tranquil against a sea of electro-haze, creating the affect that you're floating, while bursts of synth quickly bring you back to earth. Essentially, it's the very realistic version of that dream where you're flying through space, watching stars shoot past you. Wait -- you haven't had that dream? Grab this as a download for a limited time, and you'll be well on your way. - Purevolume

"Bright Matter Releases "Never Know" Video + New EP"

Indie/electro act Bright Matter has released a new video for "Never Know," and its a post-apocalyptic dream come true. Think that's impossible? Sure, everything's all torn clothing, desertous terrain, and prayers for water in the beginning, but by video's end you'll like the "end of the world" this guy has discovered. All we're saying is that if surviving doomsday means riding around in army jeeps and having ice-cream sundae fights, we're game to put up the fight. "Never Know" comes off BM's recently released Falling Down EP, which you can spin in full over on his profile. Like what you hear? Grab it for your collection via iTunes. - Purevolume


The Falling Down EP - March 19th, 2012

Astronaut (Single) - April 20th, 2012

All streaming online and available as free download.



Brian Graham resides in LA and writes atmospherical electro-pop music under the name Bright Matter.