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Fairfax, Virginia, United States | SELF

Fairfax, Virginia, United States | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Three is a Magic Number on Jan 9th at IOTA"

Witnessing Citizen*’s performance as they opened for Shinedown at the 9:30 Club in December 2009, it was hard to believe it was just their fifth performance since changing the band’s name and direction. Originally known as Everyone But Pete, the group consisted of singer/guitarist Jim Fanale, his twin brother, bassist/singer Brian Fanale, drummer Chris Lane and guitarist Cal Stamp. When Stamp left the group, they added guitarist Andrew Van Horn, ushering in a new sound and style of songwriting. In late 2009, the band decided to update their name to compliment their new sound: Citizen*. Their first four-track EP, “This is Citizen,” became an instant hit thanks to their raw sound and engaging lyrics. The group closed out 2009 with the 9:30 show and a sold-out performance with local notables Hotspur at Jammin’ Java and head into 2010 actively writing, recording and performing. “We’re always going to write,” Jim explains. “We’ve learned a lot and think it’s smart to keep new music out there and keep it fresh.” After taking the big plunge to rebrand the band, Citizen* is grateful to receive recognition and affirmation from the music scene for the work they’re doing. As for the group’s goals going forward: Taking over the world...and headlining their own show at the 9:30 Club. - On Tap Magazine

"On Tap Magazine Review of "This Is Citizen*""

“You’ve never heard a sound like this before.” This lyric in Citizen*’s first track, “Hands Up,” is dead on — you really have never heard this sound before. And you know what? It works. Although Citizen*’s album boasts only four tracks, they pack a mean punch. Lead singer Jim Fanale’s voice is distinctive and the lyrics are instantly memorable. This quartet of local rockers mixes together to form a sound that combines rock and pop in a way that is wholly original. If this album is just an appetizer, we can’t wait for Citizen* to deliver the entree. - AE

Link: - On Tap Magazine

"Bands in the Neighborhood - Citizen*"

This almost Christmas installment of Bands in the Neighborhood features the foursome of Citizen*. The guys play on December 26th at Jammin' Java and then January 9th at Iota in Arlington. Here's what they had to say:

How did the band form?
Jimmy, Brian and Lane all played in a band called Everyone But Pete. The original guitarist left and VH came on board with that band. We were all feeling a new vibe with the songs we were writing as a new band, so we did a big regroup and spent several months hashing out songs in the basement. We came out of the "woodshed," if you will, with Citizen*.

How did you all come up with the band name?
It was the first name we all thought sounded cool that we could all agree on. The name's the hardest part, really. It took months.

Why the asterisk?
We're just missing a footnote.

How many members live in Columbia Heights? Whereabouts?
VH lives in Columbia Heights, around 16th and Monroe, right on the cusp of MtP. He's like our ambassador to the District. Lane and the twins (Jimmy and Brian are twins, by the way) live in Fairfax.

Do you practice in CH? How about play any gigs in the neighborhood?
We practice in Fairfax, since we can make a lot more noise out there, although they're starting to build McMansions all around the house, so it's only a matter of time. We've played Midtown Loft and 930 Club, but so far nowhere in CH proper.

What are your band's influences?
Our sound is pretty much pop-rock, and we like a lot of those acts. We all have Pretty varied influences from pop to post-rock, but we really just love a well-crafted song. Some bands we're all into are Kings of Leon, Butch Walker, Foo Fighters, The Killers and MGMT.

Any crazy and terrible tour stories?
We got caught in a tropical storm on the way back from North Carolina once, and the windshield wipers on our old van broke. To make matters worse, the windows and windshield were fogging up because the air didn't work, so we had to roll the windows down. It was like 3am and we were driving in gale-force winds with raincoats on because the rain was pouring in. It took us 18 hours to get home.

What's your take on the local music scene in Columbia Heights and DC?There is some serious dedication here. Fans come out show after show and support all the local bands (and bands from out-of-town), which is really awesome. Bands here really stick together regardless of style, supporting one another and coming out to each other's shows.

And if you had to rename your band for something in Columbia Heights, what would it be?VH always heard, possibly incorrectly, that Fugazi's bassist lived in Columbia Heights, and he always wanted to know where, so "Stalking Lally." Barring that, "Mission of Target."

You can hear more of Citizen* at their website (player in the upper right corner).


Citizen* recently released their debut EP. The record joins the ranks of several successful collaborations between producer Jim Ebert and engineer Scott Spelbring. Ebert's impressive discography features numerous national and regional acts, including All Time Low, Butch Walker and current DC101 Last Band Standing title-holders Niki Barr Band.
Spelbring's Dragonfly East has been the setting for recordings by countless local and regional acts including Cinder Road and Nate Ihara (Welbilt/Blackjacks). You can pick up a copy of the EP at a show, online @, or download it @ iTunes.



"Tougher than Rex Smith" - David Hintz, DC Rock Live

Giggin Artist Development
Amber-Therese Foster
Phone: 703.380.6836
Fax: 866.809.1808

The Band:

Citizen* is the seamless union of rock and pop, sex and romance, earth and atmosphere. With an effortless garage rock aesthetic that many musicians hope to achieve, Citizen* brings handfuls of hammering guitar riffs and strong vocals to the DC rock scene. Singer Jimmy Fanale's earnest romanticism is brought to bear by tight, fast rhythms and expansive guitar melodies in perfect 3-minute pop bursts.
Fanale, along with twin brother Brian on bass, guitarist Andrew Van Horn and drummer Chris Lane, bring their diverse live and recorded performance background to the front and center. Barely six months after their introduction to the DC-metro scene, Citizen* is building serious buzz. They've been selected from among some of the area's top acts to open for Shinedown at DC's 9:30 Club, and are playing other top regional clubs (IOTA, Jammin Java) with acts like Alternative Press' "Best Unsigned Band" Hotspur. Their debut EP has made it into the hands of a quickly expanding legion of fans, and has been favorably reviewed by On Tap Magazine. In February of 2010, they were selected as the featured artist on DC101's Local Lix. They've come a long way in a short time, and show no sign of letting up.