Crashing Cars

Crashing Cars


Crashing Cars' music is "Thursday meets New Found Glory". They have "perfected a unique blend of ear-pleasing, dance-til-you-drop pop and crunchy, raw punk" through their intense high-energy shows. They've developed a devoted international audience and are now receiving regular Canadian radio play.


In January of 2010, the stars aligned perfectly above the streets of Mississauga. Down below two dirtbags drummer Danny Foster-Roman and singer/guitarist Keir Edward met for the very first time and from under the city sidewalks emerged a relationship called Crashing Cars. The pair soon realized they had stumbled upon a sort of chemistry that few musicians are lucky enough to ever find.

Upon developing a strong repertoire of poppy yet gritty, politically driven punk songs Crashing Cars hit the studio to record their first EP with Ill Scarlett’s Justin Zoltek. The hooktastic debut “Show ‘Em The Ropes” EP was released in April 2011, which includes the infectious sing-along “Down, Down We Go”. The tracks “Say Goodbye” and “Burn this City” are on weekly rotation on Winnepeg, Manitoba radio 101.5 UMFM, while “Say Goodbye” has also received airplay on Hamilton, Ontario’s 101.5 INDI FM who brought on Keir for an interview. Most recently, 92.5 The X, in Kamloops BC, has picked up the band's party anthem "Chasin' Vodka with High Fives".

Crashing Cars began gigging extensively in Toronto and surrounding areas. Despite various lineup changes the group’s local following and international online following, now boasting over 4000 Twitter followers and 1000 Facebook fans, rapidly grew. 2011 concluded with a bang when Crashing Cars brought more than 50 strong to pack the Hard Luck Bar with American touring acts The Tired and True and Triumph on Tragedy. The show received critical acclaim from Canadian Music Magazine’s Stephanie Deline.

Crashing Cars began 2012 being showcased in the TV show/web series From Far and Wide as one of sixteen bands to be chosen from over 800. This gave them the opportunity to play infront of Canadian music industry heavyweights Mark Spicoluk (Universal Music, Underground Operations), Juno award winning Sean Gugula (Willie Nelson) and Katy Maravala (Distort Records). Some notable feedback was from Sean Gugula saying "There's no doubt these guys will cut a great album". The show airs June 2012.

The band has big plans for 2012, having finished pre-production for their sophomore release with a newly matured sound featuring songs about their personal struggles with music, love, politics and of course the in your face pop-punk their fans have come to love. The release will be accompanied by extensive touring and networking as Crashing Cars hits the streets hard to get their music out to you. Hop on the bandwagon while you can because these boys are coming hard and fast and won’t let anything stop them!


Down, Down We Go

Written By: Keir Edward

So c'mon baby, pack your bags,
cause we're on our way.
Round up all your favorite things and
don't be late for our plane.

Take one good look at your bed
it's the last one that you'll get
I said I'd take you away...

Down, down we go,
to where the water's never cold.
Paradise we're comin' home!

The sun is up, the sun is up,
at the side of the freeway.
We're hitchin' ourselves a ride
so we're not late for our plane.

Like two lovers on the run,
this trip has only just begun
I said I'd take you away..

Say Goodbye

Written By: Keir Edward

Sorry to say,
We've been mislead,
a white lie painted red.
You are the best at showing less heart than
all of your victims.

I really took the time and thought
what a hopeful star you're not,
you're gonna burn out quick
when all this shit
surfaces to the top.

Your actions gave it all away
and it's so clear that you can't save
this sinking ship from all this rain
so say goodbye to sunny days.

We've got loaded guns,
your target number

You got a team and made a plan
every boy be left for dead
and I'm glad to see
that you're happy
but soon it's got to end.



Show 'Em The Ropes EP - April 2011 (Self Released)


101.5 INDIFM (Hamilton) - "Say Goodbye", "Down, Down We Go"

101.5 UMFM (Winnipeg) - "Say Goodbye", "Burn This City"

92.5 CFBX (Kamloops) - "Say Goodbye", "Chasin' Vodka With High Fives"

Set List

The Message
Chasin' Vodka With High Fives
Say Goodbye
Down, Down We Go
Sunset Singalongs
Burn This City
Distance Makes A Difference
Dear Catastrophe