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"St. Louis' This is Energy wins Briggs' band battle"

St. Louis band This is Energy is the winner of the 2010 Briggs & Stratton "Battle of the Bands," nabbing the title after a month-long online fan vote.

The band, which beat out 300 other contenders from such far-flung places as Italy and Finland, gets a gig at Summerfest at 4 p.m. on Saturday, June 26, opening for the Briggs & Stratton Bluesbusters and Gavin DeGraw on the (natch) Briggs & Stratton stage.

"It's been a long road, but we are so excited to make it to Milwaukee!" said singer and guitarist Adam Gardner.

"We entered the Battle knowing that it would be up to the fans around the world to vote us in, and we're so fortunate to have loyal admirers to get us this far! We're dedicated to ourselves and our fans, and are thrilled out of our minds to get to rock out for thousands of music lovers at Summerfest next month."

This is Energy comprises Gardner, drummer Britton Campbell, Charlie Springhart on bass and guitarist Dave Baronio. All hail from St. Louis, except Baronio who moved to the U.S. from Lille, France to pursue his rock and roll dream.

"This is the second time we've organized this contest, and again, we're amazed at the response," said Todd Teske, President & CEO of Briggs & Stratton.

"When we named our top three bands a few weeks ago, we knew music fans wouldn't disappoint. We were absolutely blown away by how many votes came in to the site, and also how close the vote was at the end. We know This is Energy is deserving of this winning title, and we're excited to see them here in Milwaukee." -


"How It Begins" 2010

"If You Ever Make a Comeback"
"Running Back to You"
"I Never"
"Holding On"



At first glance, THIS IS ENERGY may seem like one of those garage bands from the 1970s making hard rock for people who hate hard rock, yet still exploded onto the charts. On closer inspection, this dynamic group of four young musicians is more an alternative rock band touring the country, writing song after memorable song, and building a magnetic web presence of admirers across the U.S. and around the globe in the 21st century. At one of THIS IS ENERGY’s live performances with their loyal followers, it’s easy to get swept up into an incredible experience that unravels like a whirling dervish from the hearts and minds of these musical visionaries: AyeDamnG (Adam Gardner) on lead vocals and guitar, Britton Campbell on drums, Charles Springhart on bass, and Dave Beezy on guitar.

THIS IS ENERGY evolves onstage as a kinetic rock extravaganza, turning what might seem to be an ordinary event into pure entertainment, moving audiences much like a tent revival brings out a congregation’s spirituality. In other words, these guys rock the house. As a musical force, they have one simple mission: To inspire the growing masses so that each person listening and feeling and watching believes in themselves and never gives up following whatever elusive dreams might be harbored inside.

In little more than a year playing together as THIS IS ENERGY, these talented entertainers are achieving feats many musicians never accomplish throughout entire careers. AyeDamnG, Britton, Charlie and Dave Beezy have melded into more than solitary players in the recording studio or even as onstage performers because they’ve become artistic forces of life. Their growing list of accolades includes winning the International Battle of the Bands contest to play Summerfest Music Festival 2010 in Milwaukee, along with opening for artists as varied as New Found Glory and Cartel, being featured on MTV’s ”Buzzworthy,” and recording their first EP “How It Begins…” with Grammy Award-winning producer/engineer Chris Testa, whose credits include the Dixie Chicks, Mat Kearney and Jimmy Eat World.

“Emotionally, we want to give people something they’ve never felt, ” says front man, AyeDamnG, “Musically, we want to create something that’s never been heard. Most people go through life with little or no inspiration. We want to change that for the benefit of everyone who listens to our music and sees us perform live.”

Just listen for yourself to the opening guitar licks on “If You Ever Make a Comeback” that opens the “How It Begins EP,” where soft strumming gives way to sonic guitars set to an amphitheater bang, catchy lyrics soar like spastic fuzz floating on a fierce wind, and the band settles into a groove like the accomplished musicians they are. Keep listening, as they go beyond expectations, spinning out tune after tune that inspires your heart, soothes your soul, and captures your mind.

THIS IS ENERGY is a brand new entity, stylistically different than what’s come before, yet standing on all those shoulders of musicians who’ve moved at light speed out of garages across America into the lives of listeners. While most bands want to be on top of the world, THIS IS ENERGY wants to lift up the world and carry it on this incredible journey. Join them, and you might never remember where you came from, but you’ll always feel as if you’re going somewhere fantastic.