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New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Band Pop Hip Hop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"EQ Trax"

"To my mind Flawless' new single "Ah Yeah" is every thing as good as Craig David’s “Insomnia”, Jason Derulo’s “Ridin’ Solo” or Usher’s “DJ’s Falling In Love” - so if either of those three are your bag I’d be surprised if you didn’t fall as charmed as me to Flawless. Absolutely!" - Mandy Rogers

"Sa'w Panse"

"Ah Yeah is a speaker-rattling, synth-laden, electro-house banger." - Mizik Boyz

"Sira's Celebz"

"An undeniable pretty boy, “Flawless” is the total package; he has the looks, swagger, talent and creativity to become Pop music’s next big thing." - Jesira Reyes

"Bootlegger Chronicles"

"Flawless has released his new Pop/Dance single. Steph Jones, a Texas native formerly signed to Ludacris' DTP Records accompanies Flawless on this track that brings the sizzle to the summer." - Cindy


"Flawless is definitely making his mark on the hip hop community. I’m excited to see where his career takes him." - Jen Shoemaker




Born and raised in Queens, NY Hans began rhyming as a sophomore in Aviation High School. Initially motivated by a well respected lunch room battle rapper, Hans set out to get the attention of the “attention getter”. Armed with his amateur rhymes and a world of confidence the classmate he looked up to eventually crowned him with the name “Flawless” (given to him because of his incessant desire and time he took to pen “perfect” rhymes) After obtaining a Aircraft Technician license, “Flawless” decided to hone in his music education and went on to obtain a degree in Recording Engineering at Full Sail University in Orlando, Fl. During this time period, he auditioned for P. Diddy’s reality show, “Making the Band” and was one of ten rappers who landed in the top 25. Soon after he teamed up with a fellow classmate and producer by the name of Logic. Together they pooled together money and paid one of their instructors to let them record for unlimited time late night during classroom down periods. Armed with his first 4 song demo, he set up a meeting with Mona Scott, former Vice President of Violator Records. Instead of just playing the demo he performed one of the tracks live in her office instantly getting her attention. The demo was brought to the desk of Jay-Z himself. Ultimately a deal was not signed so Flawless set out to find a new niche and tweak his musical style. in 2003 he auditioned for P. Diddy’s reality show, “Making the Band” and was one of ten rappers who landed in the top 25

Strapped for cash and feeling out of options, Flawless fell back on his Aviation degree and worked for Aircraft Engine manufacturer Pratt and Whitney. After some time he felt as if his true goal and sight was lost and decided to quit in 2008 to pursue the music career he ultimately loved. Realizing the importance of teamwork, he linked up with former classmate/producer Logic and penned an undeniably catchy crossover single titled “Sunglasses” He also formed his own 6 man team and began networking vigorously at industry events around New York City. Inspired by Pop and Hip Hop equally, Flawless uses his fusion of these two genres to create a void filling sound in a industry of unoriginality. Eventually Sunglasses was on 9 different radio stations getting numerous spins which caught the attention of then President of Epic Records Charlie Walk leading to a single deal. Walk is most noted for the successful careers of Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Lamb Of God, Ozzy Osbourne, Good Charlotte, George Michael, The Fray, Natasha Bedingfield, Sean Kingston and Sara Bareilles.

Sunglasses was then added to multiple top 50 ranked stations achieving moderate success. Flawless then spent time touring the U.K. and releasing a U.K. mixtape alongside Dj Hitower. Soon after he headlined a 10 city tour in China. Although his music was receiving praise overseas, he separated from his single deal with Charlie Walk. Learning from mistakes made, Flawless continues to work on new material that will most certainly ensure his success and continue to raise brows independently and at many major labels.

Most recently “Flawless” has been the opening act for industry notables such as Nappy Roots, Mims, Ray J., Trey Songz and Fabolous. He has also been booked to perform at Australia's Ultra Session Beats 2011 alongside major international artists such as Wynter Gordon, Luciana, Yves Larock and many others. Black Eyed Peas and Eminem are even rumored to be headliners. As if that wasn't enough, Flawless just released his new single "Ah Yeah" featuring former DTP recording artist Steph Jones which has infectiously catchy melodies and great production is already garnishing great feedback from Club and radio Dj's alike. He also recently collaborated with Amy from the recently signed viral youtube sensation Karmin. As a songwriter and performer, he is heading down the right path, if not creating it. An undeniable pretty boy, “Flawless” is the total package; he has the looks, swagger, talent and creativity to become Pop music's next big thing.