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This Is Head

Malmö, Skåne, Sweden | INDIE

Malmö, Skåne, Sweden | INDIE
Band Alternative Pop


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Title: The Album ID

Title: Time´s an Ocean

Title: 0001

Title: 0007

Title: 0011

Title: De Trop



To quote the highly reputable "P3 Guld" where This is Head won in the category of "Pop of the Year":

"Sprung out of the new prosperous Malmö scene, This is Head makes disco out of a lifetime of music listening. Influences from all corners of the pop- spectra are fused together into an individualistic whole, looking both to the history of music and towards pop music's future."

From the first time This Is Head started playing different venues and spots around their hometown of Malmö they have assumed a natural place in the centre of all things great. Their take on kraut disco meets smart indie rock fit in perfectly from the start. Since then, they have evolved into something much greater; a confident machine that seems made for the times we live in. Yet they sound timeless. The growth seems to have been rapid, but it was all at their own pace, in their own time.

The album 0001 sounds as much like the wet streets around Möllevången square in Malmö as they do any spacious warehouse in Brooklyn or deserted parking garage in a remote part of Düsseldorf. Their curiosity has placed them anywhere and nowhere. They are as eager to consume new and old things as any blog, club or DJ out there. They have grown without any blinders on, while at the same time honing their sound in their own studio, within their own universe. They have built their songs and their confidence in themselves without feeling any pressure. They never thought of a song with the idea of sounding like Yeasayer joining up with the drummer from Neu! in an effort to play unreleased songs by U2 just so they could be mixed by Dan Lissvik from Studio and then be released by Touch & Go. That just happened.

This Is Head never had a plan, and the goal has only been to become as good as they can get. They have had time to listen to themselves, communicate and let the organic process lead them to produce songs that are fit to resonate through the music world which they belong. Songs that are as brilliant as they are.

Since the band started summer 2008 they have played at a couple of Sweden’s best venues, but also in record stores, clothes stores and various parties. A This Is Head-show is definitely something you don’t want to miss. In a blink of an eye they´ll change your life with their vividness and intense presence.

The new album "The Album ID" is a big, warm and complicated album with an enormous vastness that is typical for This is Head. With this follow- up of their award winning "001" they continue to brake ground on their kraut-disco journey, constantly evolving and progressing.

This Is Head manage to churn out a sound that is exceedingly fresh and frightfully exhilarating.
- The Line Of Best Fit

This Is Head takes a syncretic approach to their decade spanning influences that guarantees this auspicious debut a place in my tiny heart.
- Provocatively Evocative

And one of the few must-have Swedish records released in 2010. Absolutely recommended indeed.
- Absolut Noise

This Is Head are still their own in every respect and increasingly awesome at it, too, making ‘The Album ID’ a wholly excellent rock album. So, crank the mutha up and let them sweep you away – it’s a 45 minute ride you’ll thank yourself for taking.
- All Scandinavian

When I listened to the first song I was like, “Great! Let’s humiliate them!” and was pretty excited about doing so too. It’s shameful, even a crime, to mix 80s pop with what sounds like U2 influences. But then came the third song, and the fourth and it turned into something amazing. By the time I got to the 11-minute-long fifth song I was knocked out. By the end of the album, I was dead. These guys are just fucking astonishing. They’ve cherry picked the best of every genre of music, turned it all upside-down and messed it up to create something damn good.
- Vice Magazine