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Kiev, Ukraine | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF | AFTRA

Kiev, Ukraine | SELF | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Pop Indie




"New name in Ukrainian music @ Marie Claire"

New name in Ukrainian music: HINDU
Listen to the new Ukrainian music: today the world saw a mini-album titled HINDU performer Spark.

HINDU - a musical name singer Tanya Kiev Jankowski, who prefer independent group of experiments with music. Here is what she says about her new album:

"Spark EP consists of five songs, three more will be available as a bonus is released. This was my first experience of a fully independent writing: all tracks were written and recorded in one breath for a few weeks in my home studio last spring. Songs like the mood: I was delighted that finally figured out how to record and mix different instruments, so I wanted to do even melancholic, but most upbeat record. Despite the fact that each of the songs of some of my personal experiences, I have tried to present them as vaguely to each student he caught the mood, but he was able to finish his picture.

For example, the song Dear Paris initially about my personal relationship to Paris - a beautiful city, which I'm afraid to go back, because in each of my previous visits there happened something very unpleasant. But my friend from Belgium recently told me that was long convinced that it is about the tragedy in the Paris Club Bataclan (terrorist attack on the visitors of the club during a concert band Eagles of Death Metal in November 2015 -.. Note MC), it seemed to him that some lines is literally about those events. I really like here is this magic, when different people in different ways to associate my music with me. "


We also questioned HINDU about, without which it can not survive the fall.

" It:

sunny perfume Moroccan Coconut Mimosa, Victoria's Secret, which will remind you that next summer will soon. His sweet note coconut warms even in the most hopeless chilly day;
Tickets for the festival Iceland Airwaves in Reykjavik, 2-6 November. There will perform PJ Harvey, girls from Warpaint and a few tens of the most relevant names of those who will soon be glorified;
autumn chrysanthemums in pots. This magical paradox: they bloom bright flashes even under the first snow;
hood. For those who, like me, can not tolerate the caps, the item of clothing is indispensable. "
Listen HINDU Spark album right now: - marieclaire

"HINDU - SPARK Ep review @ SynthPop Lover"

You have to hear this.
This is something different.
It's so fresh and sparkling,loving the voice of Hindü. - synthpoplover.com

"HINDÜ 'Spark' EP Review @ String Buzz"

So we have a brand new EP to review up first today by the singer/artist known as HINDÜ. Being an ambient/electronic producer myself who has worked with a Ukrainian singer on two records before, it's fair to say that this sort of EP is right up my alley. I feel right at home reviewing something like this so shall we see what I thought of it?

One word springs to mind when summarising the EP; unique. Everything from the visceral imagery that is provoked, to the unusual pads used in the instrumentation had me almost allured into the act entirely. For me to truly give my thoughts on the project, I really have to dissect the EP piece by piece.

Production wise the EP is pretty darn solid for something 8 tracks long (it's more of an album really). Usually emerging artists EP's slip off after the first four tracks but here the quality remained consistent throughout. The conflicting timbres used on the synths sounded gorgeous throughout and that paired with the vocals which were mixed ever so subtly just complimented the rhythmic feel of the EP. Personally I would of preferred a deeper kick as that's the approach I go for when it comes to electronic music, but that's more of a producer flaw; one that only people who have produced will notice. The whole thing is noise gated perfectly and I didn't hear a single moment that sounded watery or weak.

On the musicality side of things, the EP certainly portrays a very individual style. The vocal melodies remind me of some early dream pop and float over the harsh instrumentals pretty beautifully in all honesty. The tonal changes from track to track also worked well to create different atmospheres that often blended well with the ambiguous nature of the lyrics. Tania's vocal performance on this record is outstanding, hitting incredibly impressive notes consistently throughout and harmonising excellently creating homophonic melodies left,right and centre. Personally I would prefer slightly more variation in her tracks, perhaps changing chordal routines or adding a proper bridge here and there just to further the diversity; sometimes her songs last a little long than expected, milking the rhythmic progression for a little too long.

Lyrically each track is a wonder with it's own personality that I'm sure comes across subjectively to anyone listening to it. It allows for perspective and different understandings for what she's saying; it's always great to see an artist push the boundaries of lyrical content whilst also making it entirely personal to their listeners.

All in all the EP is a great listen, and is certainly bang for you buck capping in at 8 tracks. HINDÜ is an artist I expect to really rise in 2017 and I have a feeling that we have a new European Jack Garratt on our hands.

Favourite tracks: Better Friend, No Rrriot

G Rating: 7/10

I Rating: 7.75/10 - String Buzz

"Ukrainian singer Hindu released her debut EP on UK label"

Today, 21 October, the singer introduced the Hindu debut EP Spark. The album consists of five major and three bonus tracks. The album was released on the British label RMN Music. In support of the album artiste scheduled two concerts in London.

«Hindu - a kind of experiment, - the singer - to check how a musician can replace the whole group." All tracks composed and recorded in the home studio without the help of musicians and producers.

In the future, Hindu two concerts in England on 26 and 27 October and in November the new clip. Spark Presentation in Ukraine is not planned.

Recall that for the Hindu is the pseudonym of singer Tania Yankovskaya known Ukrainian public as ex-frontman Preslee groups and Devil Race. In the fall of 2015 Yankovskaya decided to go solo work in November and released their debut music video for the song Better Friend.

At the beginning of 2016 the singer signed a contract on online distribution with RMN Music in London, with the participation of which came first two singles and their debut EP Spark. - http://liroom.com.ua/

"'Hindu' from Kiev presented debut EP «Spark»"

Indie pop project Tatiana Yankovskaya released their debut mini-album. Release plate «Spark», which contains eight tracks, on 21 October.

«Hindu - another example of the single-number of musicians who have moved from home and rehearsal base, leaving the guitar, were transferred by computer" - told the press service of the performer.
Add that mini-album «Spark» released on the British label RMN Music.

In the near future the singer's two concerts in England (26 and 27 October) in support of their debut EP, and a new video that Tatiana has promised to present next month.

Listen Hindu debut on our official Saundklaudi kievlyanki:

Also, a digital copy of the disc are available from the Google Play and iTunes .

Note that in November 2015 released their debut video for the song Hindu « Better Friend », which became the first single from the mini-album, and in July the singer filmed a song « Be Tamed ». - http://musicinua.com/

"HINDU @ prllmusic"

Ukrainian music scene is growing rapidly with the emergence of a growing number of independent pop artists like Ivan Dorn, Onuka, MOON, Pur: Pur and also the growth of the young scene, brilliantly combining the sound of European music and individual context. Hindu - just representative of a new wave of Ukrainian musicians taking matters into their own hands, and writing indie-electro-pop music a little similar to a mixture of Grimes and CHVRCHES.
Recently her debut album, which you can listen to the whole here, and follow the news here.
Traditionally Parallel asked Hindu neskolkl answer questions from our questionnaire.
Tell us a little about yourself - what is your education? What inspired you to write music? Do you remember the first song you wrote? If so, what it was that song and why you wrote it?
I can not remember why I had the urge to write songs and what was the first, most of all, I just wanted to be like those I listened. But since high school I was surrounded by piles of leaves with different sketches and poems chords, most of which, of course, never brought to the end. Then I played in a rock band, and then set of Ableton, but did not open it for almost two years, because "oh it's complicated." Then I figured out, and the first two weeks has composed his first EP. From music education for me just an ordinary music school, and then I mastered independently.

What song / song do you listen to when you're sad and what fun when?
When sad, I try not to listen to, it is better to write or sing to switch. If the winter is winter and very bad - it is some of the albums of The National or The Smiths, but it's not often a little bit, because there is a risk of drowning in this mood.
If you have something to celebrate, something Sinatra, Nat King Cole, and in general the whole of America 60 - is just a celebration and holiday.
What is in your studio?
The main thing - it's my MacBook and saundkarta Apogee Duet. At concerts, I use another sampler Roland SP-404 and microKorg. All the interesting for me from the last record sounds I have used for a long time and plan to get a "normal" synthesizer, but for some reason it is constantly postponed. I also have a few of my guitars guitar of the past, including the Fender Jaguar, but they are more for writing, now I rarely write guitar parts. A bunch more different guitar pedals, so I think to try to pass synth sounds through them.
Which character from a book, cartoon or movie you could associate yourself and why?
Oh, it's the most difficult question! I have all the movies and books soon forget! Who I thought only movie Wild Reese Witherspoon - it is the story of a woman who went into a very long trek to cope with the heavy emotions. Not that I really wanted to be like her (although I traveled myself), but I'm also sure that sometimes you have to retire, if you want to sort all really in his head.

 Describe your perfect day
In the fall, I twice went to play gigs in England - those were the days of the ideal: to wake up, arrive / come sayndchek, walk through the city, performance, small Chusei, moving again and in the morning it all again. I'd love to go on tour is longer, so that each day was a new city.
What musicians do you listen to the post-Soviet space?
I try to listen to all the interest, who find it. I love all raw and starts, but honestly, who rarely listen to more than once. Of those who did have to repeat - Mujuice, Manicure and, probably, Motorama (I'm afraid in Russia is too kitsch, sorry :). Even our Kiev singer KATYA. The other day here went to the Mustelide performance from Minsk -ponravilas, it would be interesting to talk to her somehow.
What's the coolest thing happening in the Ukrainian music scene?
The last few years there is a very cool period - the young actors have risen sharply in quality began to easily collect large grounds and feeding themselves adequately. That is, it is not a semi-amateur, and real artists ready for European festivals. For beginners there is something to strive for, because the artists who are only 2-3 years old, doing really cool show. Almost every day of my FB tape someone released a single clip-album, and it's all worth recording. Every week, you need to consistently keep up with 4-5 concerts. I can not remember a better time to be a musician in Ukraine than it is now.
What do you dream about?
I have not performed at summer festivals outside of Ukraine, it is my dream right now. Before I went on a lot of festivals as a spectator, I love this atmosphere, but now I want to participate with the other hand. - prllmusic.com

"Made in Ukraine: Ukraine 10 musical discoveries"

By Ukrainian music even be reverent attitude than the music in general. His, family, and sometimes forced to play for food, our musicians deserve to be holili and nurtured. Moreover, this year the domestic scene is clearly undergoing a renaissance, or, if you prefer, revival's, last seen in mid zero - the number of amusing characters in the post-revolutionary Kiev and other cities, just rolls. Trying to do a minimum of obvious names (those of which you probably already have heard), we have compiled a list of Ukrainian musical discoveries of the year.

1209 views 2 comments
Made in Ukraine: Ukraine 10 years of musical discoveries

by Dmitry Kuzubov on 30/11/2016

By Ukrainian music even be reverent attitude than the music in general. His, family, and sometimes forced to play for food, our musicians deserve to be holili and nurtured. Moreover, this year the domestic scene is clearly undergoing a renaissance, or, if you prefer, revival's, last seen in mid zero - the number of amusing characters in the post-revolutionary Kiev and other cities, just rolls. Trying to do a minimum of obvious names (those of which you probably already have heard), we have compiled a list of Ukrainian musical discoveries of the year.


Genre: Alternative Rock
Listens on last.fm: 2467
Fans at Facebook: 267
Fans in VK: 357

Kiyani Yah juicy guitar music playing in the spirit of American alt-rock bands of the early 90's. The guys do not hide their love for the Pixies, whose influence is felt in every note of their debut ipishki. However, neither of which tracing and can be no question; on the contrary - Yah material which sounds fresh and energetic than the team deserved a new album of Frank Black. Confident reefs and good English - good pledge to unwind at the international level. Beginning in this direction should be: a new song Yah, a cover of indie rockers Archers Of Loaf, produced by American Chris Woodhouse, who previously worked with well-known favorites of hipsters Ty Segall and Thee Oh Sees. To be continued!


Genre: Retrowave
Listens on last.fm: 147
Fans in VK: 90

Electronic project vtoma, which hides under the mask of Kharkov Taras Mokhon'ko - one more representative of current nostalgic soviet wave. Like most notable adherent of this wave, momentary and prematurely deceased Kharkov «Mayak», vtoma - it's a nice reflection on all that is good and light, that was one big, but not very healthy country. Taras said that he likes Metronomy, «Buerak" and The Dillinger Escape Plan, but vtoma, of course, a different story. In these compositions, agreed "Alliance", "Zodiac" and soundtracks Edward Artemiev - surprisingly, even in the era of the music our parents decommunisation nevymuchenno sound and relevant.

Olexiy Diachkov

Genre: Darkwave
Listens on last.fm: 2563

19-year-old Singer-songwriter Alex Diachkov from Brovary - perhaps one of the most distinctive Ukrainian underground musicians. His songs exist in a range of post-punk and darkwave to synth-pop and techno, and Ukrainian-language texts are filled with a total nihilism, netsenzurschinoy bawdy and wise beyond his years domestic realism. Diachkov sings low and distant voice, sometimes breaking the cry, and is somewhat reminiscent of early Nick Cave - and yet, it is also far from it, as well as all living Ukrainian performers. A prolific musician, appearing out of nowhere, only 2016 minutes he produced about fifty songs and probably will continue to stamp them with even greater zeal. More interesting, in that all this will evolve.

Olexiy Diachkov - Pіslya Beer Robot I v'їbav

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00:0000:00Use the up / down keys to increase or decrease the volume.

Voin Oruwu

Genre: Techno
Listens on last.fm: 764
Fans at Facebook: 723
Fans in VK: 157

Permanent Resident of the main rave capital "scheme» , Voin Oruwu - one of the most interesting new names Kiev Techno, which is now at the peak of popularity. This year it tracks sounded documentaries about cultural dvizhuha in post-revolutionary Kiev; Why, he even warmed Moderat and did not look superfluous at this celebration of life! In fact Voin Orwu, aka Dmitry Avksentyev - in music for a long time not a novice, for many years he plays under the pseudonym future garage Koloah; At the same time, his new project - this is another story, much more intensive and rapid dark techno, dance without forcing prodyhu until the morning.

The Elephants

Genre: Indie Folk
Listens on last.fm: 62,602 (though there are three groups with the same name, so it is not a fact)
Fans in Facebook: 1619
Fans in VK: 2029

Childhood friends Dima and Vlad Tsyganenko Karepin, young musicians from Sumy, they also The Elephants - precisely the group that lacked the Ukraine. The guys play melodic and bright indie-folk, based on the tradition of American songs; their composition - is itself a cure for everyday Smouri and decay. Over the summer, The Elephants were noted on the largest Ukrainian festivals (Hedonism, Zaxid Fest, Koktebel Jazz Festival) and lit up in the media - is likely to further their popularity will only grow. This inspires confidence in the fact that the group's debut album, helping to write an experienced producer Evgeny Filatov (aka The Maneken) - release it Dima and Vlad had promised before the end of this fall, but apparently will have to wait a bit.

The Dark Wood

Genre: Electronic
Listens on last.fm: 179
Fans at Facebook: 370
Fans in VK: 52

Capital electronics The Dark Wood - a duo of DJs and producers Igor Smailov and Yarik Zipmix. In mid-2015, they released the track on the cult German label, and soon recorded a remix of Ivan Dorn, changing it beyond recognition. This year the musicians were noted entertaining clip with views of the Dnipro, and soon promise to release a debut EP. Judging by the fragments of the tracks available on the network, we are waiting for a rigid and uncompromising dance electronics in the spirit of Jon Hopkins, who probably will be exported rather than on the domestic market.

Garden Krist

Genre: Post-Punk
Listens on last.fm: 4515
Fans in VK: 1241

Kiyani Garden Krist - family row that exists at the end of 2015, and this year released their debut album. The band members, Kirill Key and his wife Regina Litvinova, play tough and stringy English-Russian post-punk, all the canons of the genre devoid of any hope. However, the children themselves, to listen to music in a range of Coil to "Civil Defense", trying to distance itself from the tag "post-punk", arguing that their sound is much larger. Aloof and otherworldly sound, filled with "unbridled joy" texts, alternating male and female voices, drowning the sound of the wall, really distinguish Garden Krist most Ukrainian colleagues in the genre.

Hidden Element

Genre: Electronic
Listens on last.fm: 8782
Fans in Facebook: 1139
Fans in VK: 1171

Base project Hidden Element, for which the ex-Kharkiv hiding, and now the people of Kiev and Igor Tarasov Neil Kirilenko has existed for several years. During this time the guys have put in a network of more than fifty tracks in drum & bass, dubstep and other club genres, rocked the dance floor and no one even played (Neil left, Igor left) in one of our most acclaimed bands of the last year The Erised. The long-awaited debut album Hidden Element, released this fall on the Irish label, can be called one of the most important releases of the year in the Ukrainian music. Entertaining electronics combined with live guitars and drums, deep bass, vociferous vocalists invited from Germany and the UK - in this music there is a flight of fancy, which surely will bring a group of underground club in the big leagues.


Genre: Indie Pop
Listens on last.fm: 2431
Fans at Facebook: 427
Fans in VK: 199

By the end of 2015, from Kiev Tanya Hindu has identified to the public their first single, and this year released their debut EP - and not just anywhere, but once on the British label. The timbre of the voice Hindu echoes Grimes, but its sound is not as eccentric and explosive as the Canadian singer (in the veins which, by the way, also flows Ukrainian blood) - a likeable and intelligent indie pop, moreover, that rarely meet in our area - tailored to European standards. Judging by the reviews on YouTube, Hindu music can be heard even in a bar in South Korea - I want to believe that the domestic audience, it is necessary to taste. - partyanimal.com.ua

"October: 7 Ukrainian albums - LiRoom choice"

October was not the month when many albums independently surfaced. To find these works had to dig. For example, this applies to Kharkiv Seamarks, which play a great post-rock, but are reclusive. Of some, such as Valentin Strykalo we wrote earlier.

As a result, we chose the Ukrainian October 7 albums, are worth paying attention to. There is a great album, and those who could get better. However, regardless of our assessment, it is interesting and, often, the expected work.

Hindu - Spark

The debut album of the Kiev DIY-singer immediately went to the British label. Spark - it's a dreamy electro-pop, supported by a little naive and thoroughly processed vocals. Such a sound reminiscent of Scandinavian pop music of recent years and the gentle-performers girls like Lucy Rose.

Mostly Hindu Grimes encroaching on the laurels, but to the Canadian pop star is clearly not up. However, a Hindu is not trying to surprise with something unusual, the plate is very easy to listen. Under the Spark would like to think, or to travel, but for many it is this kind of music has a special value.

7/10 - http://liroom.com.ua/


Our regular review of this time dedicated exclusively to music - albums and synґlam. Let us dwell on selected releases a little more (although not turning them into full-fledged review) and try to understand what and why. To we'll just have to talk about that, it was decided to explore the rather wide, perhaps even "abstract" length of time in the last two months - a sort of "guide in the autumn." But the text - no top and no rating. Today we do not try to point the worst and the best, but rather simply help you navigate the endless sea of ​​new Ukrainian music, that chance, do not miss something interesting.

A new star on the horizon indie, HINDÜ, we can say only one phrase: you would never believe that a Ukrainian singer. Who knows, maybe that's why her debut album goes straight to the British label, bypassing the national scene. Dream-pop mainstream for a moment - but extremely fashionable and fresh. This music is ephemeral, windy, is not crystal clear (that would be a dream pop in 2014), but slightly muffled, as if played carelessly and covered a lot of background noise, which here seems to just add some pestlyvosti and affection. In general, such a sound in the world just born, his play "latest" and "youngest" whose work can be found so far only in depth-of-okyh slums soundcloud and bandcamp. But it is for him the future. - http://terytoriya.com.ua/

"7 groups of Ukrainian-opening stage in 2016"

New Ukrainian music in particular is actively developing during the last two years. The reasons are several, but the main among them is the sharp decline in activity of Russian artists.

When the concert market fell to historic lows, and the exchange rate has increased several times, concert organizers were forced to seek new names on the domestic scene.

Thus, the groups that previously could count except for performances in bars and small clubs the opportunity to speak in the halls at several hundred visitors.

This feature, and even overflow audience in the Internet pushed the musicians who previously never hoped for recognition to take up instruments or computers and finally dare record the fruits of his work.


Singer Tanya Hindu ideology preaches DIY (Do It Yourself). Throughout the music she writes and records independently at home that did not stop her first album release on British label RMN Music.

Tanya Hindu speech in London, November 2016. Photos from top performer in VK.com
Their debut mini-album SPARK - a dreamy pop, built on electronic instruments. It's hard not to notice the impact of Grimes, Canadian DIY-performer who has managed to get world fame.

Hindu, unlike foreign counterparts, differ softer sound and lower propensity for revolutionary solutions.

Alexei Bondarenko, especially for UP.Kultura - http://life.pravda.com.ua/


EP Spak October 2016 via RMN Music

iTunes - http://apple.co/2dx8Eoj

Google Play - http://bit.ly/2ep7lag

Spotify - http://spoti.fi/2dsyWcg

Amazon - http://amzn.to/2eXEsE2

Juno - http://bit.ly/2hU1GsM

KKbox - http://bit.ly/2ifE4Sn



“Hindu” – brainchild of the producer-songwriter Tania Iankovska – is a new experimental project where a dreamy, pure, crystalline voice sings melancholy lyrics on modern & minimal electronic music arrangements. Think of artists like Purity Ring, Grimes, MO, Chvrches and Zola Jesus, take a piece of everything and mix all together.

“Hindu – is a kind of an experiment,” Tania states herself, “to see how independent an artist can become and how far the artist can get in replacing the whole band.”  “All songs featured on new EP were created and recorded in my home studio with no help of producers or other musicians” Tania continues.

After self-releasing the song in Kiev, “Better Friend” got immediate positive feedbacks airing in many local radios, catching the attention of several local magazines, and the video is now around 16k views. In less than a year of Hindu Tania managed to sign with London-based RMN Music, rein in live performances, play numerous shows in Ukraine as well as two mini-tours in UK.

Band Members