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This is How Rumors Get Started

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"Nine to watch in '09"

By Sarah Rodman and James Reed
Globe Staff / January 11, 2009

THIS IS HOW RUMORS GET STARTED Leaders Phillip-Michael Scales (guitar/vocals) and Annie Hoffman (bass) hail from different parts of the country but joined forces in Boston in 2005 to get their indie pop groove on. The laid-back boy-girl vocals, spindly guitar solos evocative of Dinosaur Jr., and equal doses of Ben Folds-style cleverness and melancholy all point to rumors of good music getting started. After shuffling the lineup and releasing a trio of intriguingly eclectic EPs, the quintet, which recently signed to Wax on Felt Records, plans to unveil its first full-length release this spring. You can get a sneak preview when Rumors plays Harpers Ferry next Sunday at 8 p.m. - The Boston Globe

"This is How Rumors Get Started"


Realizing that he is a shitty faker, This Is How Rumor’s Get Started’s Phillip-Michael Scales explains that his music comes out the way it does because he was never any good at copying other bands. This is disgusting and cliché, but Death Cab For Cutie + Reel Big Fish – their horn section + Cannibal Corpse= This Is How Rumors Get Started. I feel dirty now too, but it had to be said. Consisting of Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keys, Drums, and boy girl vocals, This Is How Rumors Get Started plays, pop laden, melodically driven Indie-rock that leaves the listeners ears dripping ectoplasm after a moist “eargasm.” To put it simply, you will probably have “This Is Not A War Story. It’s A Love Story. A Ghost Story” stuck in your head for a few days wondering where it came from.
This Is How Rumors Get Started recently finished recording their self-titled EP and is now supporting the effort in venues in the New England Area. Along with recording their EP and playing Local shows, This Is How Rumors Get Started is in the process of booking a late summer East Coast tour and writing for an upcoming Split EP with The Book Club (a band you’ve never heard of).
Upcoming This Is How Rumors Get Started Shows include February 28 at PA’s Lounge in Sommerville Mass, and April 15 at the Knitting Factory in New York City. If you can’t wait until then, or happen not to be 21 due to the worst law that Boston has created since prohibition, you can visit
- Berklee Groove


Self-Titled EP-2007
Time & Place EP - 2008
Free EP - March 2009
The Great Routine - (scheduled for 2009)



Originating inland but brought together on the Atlantic coast, This is How Rumors Get Started is the indie-pop adventure sprung from the minds of Phillip-Michael Scales (Vocals/Guitar) and Annie Hoffman (Bass). Founded in the fall of 2005, the duo armed themselves for recording and live performance, enlisting friends to fill in the cracks. Less than a year after its inception, the band began bringing the people the infectious boy-girl melodies they hadn't realized they'd been missing. They quickly set out to coax New England into moving their feet. Rumors have released two EPs and embarked on tours that have sent them into the wilds of the United States' northeast, the Midwest, and a few daring jaunts into Canada, all the while earning status as featured artists on Boston college radio stations such as The Birn, WRBB, and WTBU, and WERS 88.9FM.

This is How Rumors Get Started are ready with their newest EP this year, Time and Place, and after signing with Wax on Felt Records, have set the wheels in motion to deliver a full-length release scheduled for Spring 2009. Get acquainted with indie's next worst kept secret. - October 2008