Indie rock that's quirky, fun, folky, self-reflective and observant. This is Jamboree.


From performing in Branson, MO as a child to his independent exploits in the band "Tune In Tomorrow", Dillon Spears has always had a life that involves music. Jamboree is simply the next step. The word "Jamboree" is synonymous with celebration. This project is meant to be a celebration of life, love, God, success and failure. The music is quirky and fun as Dillon brings in influences from his past and mixes them with more current ones, but the lyrics come from a very focused place. A place where we all live sometimes. The parts of life where you are certain beyond a shadow of a doubt of some things but terrified and unsure of others. A place where we celebrate the things we know but continue to hide from the things we are afraid to meet. This is Jamboree. Who knows what that means exactly? I guess we will find out together.


So Much

Written By: Dillon Spears

I'm just an ordinary dreamer
I don't really care about the past, I want the future to last
I'm just a mediocre singer
And like those before me, I want the free to be free
My mom and dad are my heroes
They teach me by the way they live, you gotta work hard and give
Back to the one who makes the wind blow
Oh and when you find yourself a girl you gotta give her your world
Here I am on this subway car
Headed east to the airport, I'll find you waiting there for me
For so long she's been an ocean away
But now she's home and tonight I'm gonna make her mine to be
Mine to be
On the airwaves everybody says so much
On the highway everybody's in a rush
On this east train, oh my friends just wish me luck
'Cause I won't be comin' back without the world
I've always loved New York City
I've never been here, mind you, but I always wanted to
The lights a Christmas sure are pretty
Oh but they won't hold against you, a beauty that's true
The streets are crowded and the city's so big
But I make my way to the airport, I find you waiting there, I do
This place has long been a fantasy of mine
But it pales next to thoughts of spending life in deep love with you, yeah with you
I'll take her into the heart of this place
And I'll ask her with a smile if she'd walk with me just for a while
When the time is right I'll touch her face
I'll bring myself below her and I'll put my world before her smile
I see my girl


So Much-June 2013