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Written By: K.9.


You and me chillin' in sunshine x4

Baby we can chill in the sunshine /
Yea!..Sunshine /
We can chill in the sunshine /
baby..ahuhh.. Lets chill in the sunshine / Uhh

Verse 1
Drop top nigga so am feelin the breeze/
Chillin in the am 6 / That's snoop deville/
Am on the pimp side of town, nigga king street wow! /
All the hustler and pimps ,R u feeling me now ?/

In the drop top nigga /
Am feeling the breeze, Chilling wit ma nigga /
That snoop deville?, Pimp side of town nigga keen street wow /
All the hustlers and pimps how u feeling me now ../

Stepped in the club I got swamp with heat /
Six feet/ under she a killer/
For real Like I better/
Check my status , Murder she wrote/ "word up"
even thou / that I know /
And I don't care if she a hoe / know /

I let the top drop baby am in control /
And hey yeah a nigga am standing there am spending my dough /
Sippin on the juice / I been through the bar /
N am Tipsy on that alcohol so I blame it on that /

Like first things first/ I need sumting to eat/
No No listen baby girl you don't even know what I mean /
In a couple seconds later you might guess what it be /
Let me whisper in your ear now you know what I mean /

Ill let'chu think about that baby now you see /
One eighty third street / Yeah you know know what I mean /
You should swing by sweety /
Sweety / hand me the rag /soon as am done with it I hand it right back /

(You and me chillin' in Sunshine) (Girl)
on the rack thanks/ back to back thanks /
And am back/ in the spot like a Dalmatian so thanks /
(You and me chillin in sunshine (Girl)
niggas am now left shit/ all the spots on my neck on my back and shit /

You and me chilin in sunshine x2

Second things first if you feeling this bounce/
If your bootay on the rack ,Or you smoking a nigga ounce/
I don't care mutha fucker this shit is chevy now bounce /
I'll give a nigga black eye in the first" four rounds, " like bounce /

Song is hot right now the sun is hottin' up now /
And if the sun is hottin" up it means it's means its summer time now /
And right now / by all means man am hot enough now /
So am shutting down my shades Yeah I look stunning right now /

Boy yes'sir man am stuntin" right now /
And you can have my number but don't call me right now /
Chillin in the sunshine I need ice-cream to eat /
She looked over at me said I look nice to eat /
But yeah K.9. am trippin' you know I get it,/
I get that she wanna' move it then back /
But I know / that we gettin' to it /
Right now / but am free-styling in the water and it ain't nuthin' but splash /

You and me chillin" in sunshine x4

So I dropped off picked her now am flying back boo /
With that boo /tay on the loose I got to call my other chick juice /
See am not a player man am just playing my dues /
I was born by a woman raised by another so I pair "em in two's /
Hey ladies u dig ! Ride wit' me it's your captain sunshine /
You feeling / a little dizzy ur ridin' in first class it so crazy /
Hail me soon as we hit the sky, temperature is so hazy /
And if she is kickin' so crazy /
You gat a problem then buzz /
Cause i'll be your captain passenger hostess /
Mistress / hey /
Sexy please fasten up your seat belts And sex me, hey /
And am so crazy /
We taking off destination we landing in sunshine /

You and me Chillin" in Sunshine .x2