This Is My Suitcase

This Is My Suitcase


What if i a falling Wurlitzer wrote a song on the way down? What if an overdriven fuzz pedal provoked a broken organ into a thumb war? What if the original Sesame Street cast re-composed a punk version of Pet Sounds? Rather, This Is My Suitcase.


This Is My Suitcase is the music performed by five friends, scattered throughout their early twenties.

After one show, the owner of the venue approached This Is My Suitcase's members and, unprovoked, offered this statement of support: "I appreciate what you do. I see a lot of bullshit here, but you guys aren't bullshit. I can tell you're actually for real." This instance wraps up the band better than any biography or fact sheet could.

The band's latest full length album, The Keys To Cat Heaven, is their best collection to date. They're certain of it. As with everything else in the Suitcase discography, it was self-recorded/produced/mixed.

As for our new album:
if you are fed up with paying full price for albums that lack french horn featurettes and string quartets; if your record collection feels void of cat and ghost content, lyrically-speaking; if your album art collection feels incomplete without a cat ghost, literally-speaking; if you immediately need your body to build an immunity to a virulent swarm of dancing falsettos and flutes; if you have been digging for records that will highlight that you are both playful and witty; if you want an album that you can stream at an appropriate volume from your apartment window to prove to passer-bys that you are intelligent and ironic; if you have been looking for a solid album to rattle the tiles from your roof while you bang your head; if you wish that Sesame Street sing-alongs sounded more like old Flaming Lips albums; if you wish that new Flaming Lips albums sounded more like vintage Sesame street records, we have the album for you:
The Keys To Cat Heaven.

The actual influences behind This Is My Suitcase's overdeveloped and unbalanced pop music aren't terribly obvious through their songs; however, one week in particular, This Is My Suitcase was compared to all of the following: Queen, The Unicorns, Elliott Smith, Wilco, Ben Folds, Jellyfish, The Flaming Lips... needless to say, it was good week. This unlikely band of rabble-rousers offers their audiences uniquely high-energy performances for offensively low prices, leaving no customer unsatisfied and no frown unturned.


Missent to Thailand LP(2006):
1. Chivalry at Her Finest
2. Bless This Mess
3. Some Grand Romantic Gesture
4. Two Explatives Short of a Fashion Statement
5. Going Going Gone (Hollywood)
6. Fifty Five (55)
7. L.O.V.E.
8. I say we stomp him, then we tattoo him, then we hang him, then we kill him
9. The Watermarked Stateline
10. One Little, Two Little, Bad Little Indian
11. Cute Boys are for Kissing
12. Obviously, doctor, you've never been a 13-year-old girl
13. ...

The C Ep(2006):
1. Me and You
2. Manes Visits the Manor
3. The Skin is the Healthy Part
4. Apples and Townies

The C.R.E. EP(2007):
1. Stayin' In
2. Not Bones
3. Bones
4. Cat Sounds

- The Stray(2007)
- Jesusfreak(2007)

The Keys to Cat Heaven LP(2009):
1. Welcome to Cat Heaven
2. Fish and Dishes
3. Crayons
4. Rowboat
5. L.O.V.E.
6. Me and You
7. Jesusfreak
8. See Love, Sea Love?
9. Stay Here
10. Mean Fish
11. Two Explatives Short of a Fashion Statement
12. Less of a Highway
13. Not Bones
14. Confetti
15. Goodbye Sky

Tour Theme Songs:
- The Spring has Sprung, so Sing Until Spring's Sprang(May 2009)
- It Must Be July (July 2009)

Set List

-Typically 6-10 songs
-20 minutes - 45 minutes
-Usually no covers except on occasion(Regina Spektor, Beach Boys, Micheal Jackson, Dr.Dog, and Nico)