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The best kept secret in music


"Review of"

Moving into the present the band formerly known as Da’loris have renamed themselves This Is Now and have released a new CD to mark the occasion titled Hear & Now. The band (Bob Rich-guitar/vocals, Bob Kupczyk-guitar/vocals, Kent Weber-bass and Kevin Kilner-drums) still plays a form of cerebral power pop uniquely their own regardless of their moniker. The disc was recorded at Robby Takac’s Chameleon West Studios with Alan Farmelo and Marc Hunt at the controls and was mastered at Nick Blagona’s Metalworks Studio. That’s the same trio who worked on Deep Purple front man Ian Gillian’s new disc. A couple of the tracks to check out here include “Better Than Now”, the big sounding “Father Son” and the remix of the same with horns for an even bigger sound, the SKA infused “Mine All Mine” and the warp speed version of The Beatles “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”. Levity reigns on the track “Da’Loritab” a sly play on the bands’ previous name and the pharmaceutical du jour as bass and drums shuffle along to a recorded phone message between band members with the refrain of “Hey Bob, It’s Bob”. Trust me it’s clever. Check out This Is Now and their disc Hear & Now at -

"Da'Loris Evolution"

One of the WNY music scene’s most promising bands Da’loris (Bob Kupczyk-guitar/vocals, Bob Rich-guitar/vocals, Ed Badhorn-bass/vocals and Kevin Kilner-drums) has released a new CD titled Evolution. The fourteen tracks, which were recorded at Robbie Goo’s Chameleonwest Studios under the watchful eye of the esteemed Marc Hunt and Geno McManus, are a mix of Cosmic American garage rock with a Bowie-esque vocal approach. The CD bookends with the tracks “Wake Up Little Ebi” and “Goodnight Little Ebi” that features a little girl (Jenna Christine Rich) speaking to a snoring man, “Wake Up Little Ebi” turns into the sonic assault of “Dry” with its crisp drum sound throughout the song. “Take Your Medicine” is a straight out rock track with some interesting subject matter. “Claire”, “Deloris” and the acoustic sounds of “Discouraged” all make a lasting impression. “Divine Rite” is an outstanding track with a dirty sounding guitar riff that’s delicious. Other tracks of mention include “Lost Years”, “Best Days”, “Fear” which features a guitar solo from McManus and “Life Is Now” which features Ed Hallborg on keyboards. Keen production work and well written and played songs shows Da’loris is on the right track. You can check out their new release Evolution and get more info on the band at

- Bob Silvestri - Best of WNY

"Solid rock ‘n’ roll from This Is Now"

Formed in 2001, This Is Now is a very tight modern rock band comprised of Bob Rich (lead vocals/guitar), Bob Kupczyk (guitars/vocals), Kent Weber (bass/vocals), and newest member Jeff Schaller (also of Last Days of Radio) on drums. Schaller took over for Kevin Kilner (the drummer on the group’s “Hear & Now” CD), who moved out of state.

If you like bands such as Live and 54-40, then you’ll love the straightforward modern rock ‘n’ roll of their release “Hear & Now.”

Bob Rich’s voice sounds more like a mix of Ian Astbury of The Cult and Ed Kowalczyk from Live, but a little more reserved than either of them.

Even though I am swayed by Ska-influenced track 4 “Mine All Mine,” “Better Than Now” is the best song on the CD. Not only does it capture the raw energy of a live performance, but everything works.

Now, it seems the people in Europe disagree with me. They can’t seem to get enough of “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” according to sales from iTunes. This Is Now reinterprets the classic Beatles tune with a harder edge that really works.

The remix of the band’s “Father Son” is actually better than the original. The song has a live-performance-sound-with-the-band-having-a-real-good-time feel not found on the original. They loosened up in the studio and had a good time adding synthesizer and horns. Most bands blow it and make a remix dance song that is ... well, crap; however, This Is Now took it in the right direction and made a great tune.

The disc was recorded at Robby Takac’s Chameleonwest Studios with Allen Farmelo and Marc Hunt at the controls and was mastered at Nick Blagona’s Metalworks Studio.

Visit their Web site at for more information and where you can go hear them live.

- Bee Group Newspapers


Evolution- (2003)
Hear and Now- (2006)

Music Is Art Vol. 1 (2003)
Music Is Art Vol. 2 (2004)
Music Is Art Vol. 3 (2005)
Pop Rocks (2006)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Bob Sylvestri ( said it best when he described the This Is Now sound as “a mix of Cosmic American garage rock with a Bowie-esque vocal approach”. What else would you expect from four guys who grew up playing rock and roll in the heart of the blue collar border town of Buffalo, NY?

This Is Now is a band that cleverly mixes elements of old school rock and roll with a modern sensibility that creates a style and sound that is truly all their own. At the heart of the bands sound are guitarists Bob Rich and Bob Kupczyk, who share the primary composing responsibilities for the group. Lifelong friends, Rich and Kupczyk have played together in bands as far back as 1983. Their style of composing music draws upon Rich’s self proclaimed “Rougher and sloppier style” and Kupczyk’s more precise and defined guitar stylings. Combined with the driving rhythm section of bassist Kent Weber and drummer Jeff Schaller, This Is Now is in a “Garage of their own”.

Founded in 2001 by Rich and Kupczyk, the band actually got its start in Rich’s attic, not his garage. This is where the guys started composing songs for what would be their first album in 2003 entitled “Evolution”. The band was initially called Da’loris, but changed its name after Kent Weber joined the group in 2004. Kent Weber was initially called upon to fill in on bass for a series of gigs and became a member shortly there after. Kent’s resume includes playing and/or working with The Psychedelic Furs, Ian Hunter, Mars Williams of Liquid Soul, Donovan, Jimmy Fallon & Robert Smigel from Saturday Night Live, The Push Stars, Iggy Pop, Billy Idol Band, David Kane, Terry Sullivan, Priya Thomas, and Electroman.

In 2004, the band took their sound out of the garage and into the studio, when they began work on an album that would truly define the bands unique sound. “Hear and Now” was recorded at Robby Takac’s Chameleonwest Studios with Alan Farmelo and Marc Hunt at the controls and mastered at Nick Blagona’s Metalworks Studio in Toronto. It would be this album that provided the band with their first opportunity with commercial success, when two of the songs of the album made it to the final round of consideration for inclusion in the Martin Scorcese film "The Departed".

Following the departure of Kevin Kilner, the bands original drummer, the boys contacted drummer Jeff Schaller, to join the group. Jeff was a veteran on the local music scene, playing with groups such as Grand National, Last Days of Radio, and Blue Bullet Skater. Jeff made his debut with the band in 2006 when This Is Now shared the stage with Foghat.

Listening to the bands latest release, “Hear and Now”, you can almost hear the group playing amongst the used tires, tools, lawnmower, and other assorted items that accumulate in garages throughout America over the years. The secret to the bands sound is the simplicity of the “Two guitars, bass, and drums” approach to their music. This Is Now is not a group that relies on “Guitar acrobatics” to get their message across; instead, the band relies on the powerful, tight, driving rhythms and clever power pop hooks and melodies that brought them to the dance. Dig it!