Austin, Texas, USA

"This refined singer cultivates and perpetuates the memories of Jeff Buckley and Elliott Smith. In a folk, savage but subtle atmosphere, his voice lingers between the strings of the guitar and the violin to engulf in our minds."


Of Redeye’s early years in Texas, remains an authentic accent, and a certain form of sun kissed melancholy. Scenic roads, infinite landscapes and a radient blues warming the soul…here’s what comes to mind when listening to Redeye’s End Of The Season. Pursuing his personnal quest to the roots of his music and inspiration, Redeye has been travelling his own roads, on folk and Americana paths, crossing musical and territorial boundaries. After his Be The One EP in 2011, this new album features his classic, intimate and personnal, songwriting, string arrangements led by the very talented and essential sidekick Lucile Vallez, and introduces new sounds from the trumpet, accordion, drums or saxophones, all recorded by Paris based producer Jean Charles Versari (Josh T Pearson, Jason Edwards), then blended and mixed by Neil Strauch (Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Ezra Furman or Gomez) in Chicago, giving the album its timeless changing color.


Cover Me

Written By: Guillaume Fresneau

I’ve travelled valleys, I’ve sailed from this shore
I parted for countries never told
While crossing the boundaries of my home
I shivered while thinking i could be wrong

So cover me lightly cause i’ve been thinking
Cover me lightly cause i ain’t sure
Cover me lightly with your arms open to make me warm

It runs through my body, It shatters my bones
I’m losing my balance as i roam
As times get darker and the air gets cold
You light my horizon with your thoughts

And it hurts to follow my way...

I tried not to move when I wanted to run
While ripping the anger out of my fears
I’ve called you so often, that it hurts to say
To say i’ve been lost and will never come back


2013 - End Of The Season, Album (To be released)
2011 - Be The One, EP
2009 - Run Away, EP (theme to a major french ad campaign)
2008 - ThIsIsReDeYe, Album