This Is War

This Is War


Fast hard-hitting metal that brings messages of the important things in life. With guitar licks blistering through and smooth and crisp melodies. Relentless bass and drums that will leave you catching your breath. Capped off with gut wrenching screams mixed with from the heart harmonies


When seen live, This Is War gives a performance one does not forget. The intensity and passion brought on stage by each member immediately culminates into a shredding, pulsing, trance inducing energy that lifts the mood of whoever is watching and wherever they are playing to a whole new level.

A band that can help you release your frustrations, This Is War is fast hard-hitting metal that brings messages of the truly important things in life, the mistakes we make and to never stop trying. With guitar licks reminiscent of Metallica with the likes of All That Remains and In Flames the melodies are smooth, crisp, just epic. Driving and relentless, the bass and drums will leave you catching your breath. All of this capped off with gut wrenching screams mixed with from the heart harmonies, you have something that you can’t put down. You have something you can’t put any other name to. You have This Is War.

The band played their debut show in late September 2008 with Zimmer’s Hole and followed up with a second show in October where they were honored to share the stage with 3 Inches Of Blood. Building steam and pushing through trials and tribulations they have played with many great acts including City Of Fire, Kobra And The Lotus, Municipal Waste and most recently Deicide. Now with their long awaited debut album released, This Is War is setting their sights on new horizons.

The debut album “A Substitute For Silence” is a celebration of what the band has been through and how hard they have worked to get to this point. 12 songs spanning 4 years; Surviving through two drummer changes, one members’ battle and victory over cancer and the deaths of several family members and friends, nothing has come easy for This Is War. Now at a strong point, with a solid line-up, TIW is ready to take their debut disc around the globe. From engineering and mixing to booklet artwork and design, the record is completely independent. It is derived from countless hours at the jam space and making ideas a reality. In addition, with their indie filmed and produced “Retaliate” video single scheduled to release shortly after the album, you can only count on two things. Count on hearing more of this metal force and count on becoming a This Is War fan!


Stabbed In The Face E.P. 2008
The Forecast E.P. 2010
A Substitute For Silence 2012