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Edmonds, Washington, United States | INDIE

Edmonds, Washington, United States | INDIE
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"Review: Warm Gun - For Days"

“Lack of” is a term that artists continually have associated with their name but in the same instance they continue to arbitrate otherwise. You have to applaud the fact when an artist takes the time to learn about music as an art before diving head first. Warm Gun is an artist coming out of Edmonds, Washington which is between Seattle and Everett. Due to being inclined with music early in his life he was able to appreciate it by instrumentation while learning about various types of music including blues, classical, jazz, and rock. Often misconstrued is the fact you have to be the most talented artist to make quality music but this is not always the case. While Warm Gun may lack certain things his understanding of various styles and applying that to rap allows his music to overcome certain inconsistencies. After working heavily on his first project “Eccentric” which came out in 2010 he’s back less than a year later with his latest “For Days”. Featuring a good amount of production from himself as well as Infinity and ID Labs Warm Gun approaches the soundtrack of the release with a hip hop meets pop/electronic vibe. Few notable guest appearances including Havi Blaze, Eliot Jones, International Mo, and Pretty Lights. - Tha Northwest

"New Mixtape: "For Days""

“Brian Chinn, A.K.A. Warm Gun recently unleashed his mixtape "FOR DAYS." Chinn is a 20 year-old producer/singer/MC from Seattle, WA (Yeee buddy!). He's got a very unique approach to hip-hop, which encompasses elements of indie rock, pop, electronica, and alternative. Those elements are very evident in FOR DAYS. Keep your eyes on this dude because he's making an impact in the music industry... and moving fast. Below are a few cuts off it and download link! (NOTE: the track "All Real" is NOT on the mixtape, it is a single so make sure to download that one seperately!)”
- The Sound Leak

"New! Warm Gun - All Real"

“Warm Gun aka Brian Chinn is a 20 year old, Seattle-based singer/rapper/producer. He just released his second project, For Days, a week or so ago, and “All Real” is the first single off of the To Infinity-produced mixtape. It’s a pretty cool combo of rock and rap that meshes well together and has a very smooth feel. The track’s bridge near the end is kind of weird, but it works somehow. Check out “All Real” below and if you like it, download the whole mixtape.”
- Decently Dope

"Download: Warm Gun - "For Days""

“I'm all about giving upcoming musicians trying to make it the industry have their music heard. It is not easy, but with blogs and other forms of social media, it makes it a little easier. I usually post people who are taking their craft seriously and generally have a passion. Brian Chinn aka Warm Gun has been working on his brand of hip hop and shows some serious potential. Hailing from Seatlle he recently released his brand new album For Days. The album is free and is technically a mixtape. It features original production, which is really clean and some excellent quality. While the hip hop industry is increasinly getting crowded, Warm Gun has something about him that stands out. Give his album a listen and you can download it for free. Also, watch the video for "All Real" featuring a sick sample of the Foo Fighters "The Pretender," (which he played on guitar).”
- Oh So Fresh!

"Warm Gun"

“Here is the first single off of the mixtape album “For Days” released by Brian Chinn, aka, Warm Gun. Chinn is a 20-year old producer/singer/MC out of Seattle, WA. His music features elements of indie rock, pop, electronica, and alternative, most of which are prevalent in this track. ”For Days” features production by To Infinity and can be download for free at his website, ThisIsWarmGun.com.”
- Pigeons & Planes

"Warm Gun - All Real"

“Warm Gun is an artist from Seattle, WA, who will be working with To Infinity, a producer from the area, on some new projects. “All Real” has a dope instrumental, which you should recognize and love. Warm Gun waited until the production on his music was good enough for him to reach out for extra, so I hope you like the quality found in this song. Shouts to Shane Richardson, McKenna Elves, and also Warm Gun for showing me this song.” - Good Music All Day

"Q & A with Warm Gun"

Rawburry: What up Warm Gun!?

Warm Gun: What's gooooood Rawburry? I'm just livin man.. trying to stay busy.

Rawburry: Anything big planned for the Fall/Winter?

Warm Gun: Aside from school, I'm just hoping to play more and more shows to get out and active in the scene. Gotta keep promoting the album, too (the"Eccentric" LP, released Sept. 17th, 2010). I've got a few free releases I'm working on, so at least one will be ready to set free by the winter. I'll keep you guys posted on that.

Rawburry: How's the college life?

Warm Gun: It's a hustle. There's constant shit going on, which is cool, but it can catch up to you. Since this is my second year, I've noticed that I've had to spend less time raging and more time actually studying, which is probably good for me in the long run haha. I'm finding that the more I invest myself in music, the less I care about my classes. I just want to learn more about production and sound technique, honestly.

Rawburry: Where did you grow up?

Warm Gun: Edmonds,WA. Lived here my whole life. It's just a few minutes north of Seattle,so I'd say I've spent a lot of my life in the city as well, but I can't act like I'm not from the burbs haha.

Rawburry: What got you into the music scene?

Warm Gun: Well I started playing guitar when I was 6 or 7-- so, like 13 or 14 years ago. I joined a band called Capitol Basement around 2005, and we actually performed a lot around the greater Seattle area. It was nothing like the music I'm making now, but it was a really fun time and a perfect opportunity to practice performing and being in front of an audience. Back in high school, it was pretty wild for me to be playing in front of that many people. When that project winded down (the other band members were a year older and went to colleges in other states), I basically just needed a creative outlet, so I started investing my time in learning how to produce at home. I've developed my sound and technique a lot since then, but it's exciting to think that, in many ways, I still ain't shit and have a long ways to go to achieve legitimacy.. if that makes sense, haha.

Rawburry: What artists do you look up to in the game right now?

Warm Gun: I look up to anyone who's doing it on their own, for the honest pursuit of developing their craft. I mean.. everyone's gotta eat, and I understand that, but it's cool to see artists coming up that are doing new, innovative things because it's exciting and fulfilling to them, not just because it might be the "next big thing". That being said, I generally respect success, period. I guess my list of notable artists would go like this, in not particular order: J. Cole (not only is he a ridiculous lyricist, but he crafts some really underrated beats), Kanye West (yes, the "Runaway" movie may have been a bit overrated and ambiguous, but he's back. His production is better than ever and he's been killing it with GOOD Fridays. Marketing gold), Macklemore/Ryan Lewis (hometown heroes. They recently broke the top-10 on iTunes hip-hop, which is no easy feat for any northwest act. As far as production, Ryan Lewis sounds like no one else, and it's amazing), Sol(another young MC out of Seattle. It sounds weird saying I "look up to him" when he's only a year or so older than me, but he's being doing his thing for a long time and I recognize the progress he's made,especially with his recent releases). There's a ton more, both local and national, but my list would just be too long haha.

Rawburry: Do you model your style after anyone in hip-hop?

Warm Gun: There's definitely styles and influences that I draw from, but as a whole I have trouble defining my "style". If you listen to the album or any collection of my songs, they kind of jump around from underground rap,to chill acoustic flow, to pop tracks (for the college crowd haha), and so on. I just like a lot of different sounds, so I try to play around with all of them... and why not play to more audiences, right? If I had to label three hip-hop artists that have similar styles, they'd be Slug(of Atmosphere. One of my favorite lyricists of all time, for his content and delivery), Kid Cudi (we both incorporate a lot of melody in our rhyme schemes, and I think that kind of variety is dope), and Rhymefest (obviously our voices are a lot different... but I think our rhythms and inflections sometimes follow similar patterns).

Rawburry: How long have you been involved with music?

Warm Gun: Like I said, I've been playing music since I was 6 or 7. My whole childhood and teenage years were focused on the learning and development aspect of music, and I'd say the last year and beyond has been (and will be) geared towards the presentation aspect.

Rawburry: Who do you feel is the hottest rapper out there right now? Why?

Warm Gun: What a controversial question haha... Well that depends on how we're defining 'hot'. My tendency is to base hottness on talent and delivery, in which case I'd say my pick would be Macklemore. If we're talking more about success and relevance in the game (which I think most people are), then I'd have to focus more on Jay-Z or Kanye... probably 'Ye when his album drops.

Rawburry: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Warm Gun: I see two very distinct possibilities. Either I'm in grad school getting an MBA and setting myself up for a life of corporate existence void of creativity... OR I'm beginning to be recognized by a national audience and sharing my music with anyone and everyone who wants to hear it--traveling, progressing, and interacting with new sounds and personalities. Fingers crossed... haha.

Rawburry: Do you have any words of advice to striving entrepreneurs out there?

Warm Gun: Stop thinking you're the shit (haha), be humble, and approach situations and opportunities from a place of learning. There's a thin line between being self-confident and persistent in what you're doing, and pushing your product to a public that doesn't know/care why you're the "best rapper in _______". We're all trying to make it and see success, but your product/package/mixtape/whatever should be able to speak for itself without you having to say that you're going harder than so-and-so.Other than that, just keep networking and investing in your own capital. I am a striving entrepreneur as well.

Rawburry: Keep killin' it out there!

Warm Gun: Appreciate it fam. I know you guys will be doin the same thing! - Rawburry


"Nocturnal" (2011)

"For Days" (2011)

"Higher Learning" (2011; Collaborative EP)

"Tracer" (2010; Single)



During the busiest, wildest four years of any young man’s life, it can be easy to lose sight of goals and- more importantly- the means of achieving them. Staying focused on the future has proved demanding, but not impossible for Warm Gun (Brian Chinn, 21). Warm Gun may be a new name to the hip-hop/pop scene, but Chinn’s experience with performing and songwriting stems from a 15-year background in guitar (ranging stylistically from blues to classical) and previous membership in the Seattle band Capitol Basement. An understanding of different styles and influences has lent itself to Warm Gun’s unique, self-produced approach to hip-hop, which encompasses elements of indie rock, pop, electronica, soul, and alternative.

In 2011, Warm Gun has released a full-length project (“For Days”, 4/21/11), contributed to the Higher Learning collaborative album (alongside International Mo and To Infinity), and released several music videos. “For Days” has received acclamation through many online sources, including the popular college music blog GoodMusicAllDay.com, who said of the song “All Real”, “you should recognize and love.” Performances around the greater Seattle, WA area have helped spread Warm Gun’s presence, solidifying the uniqueness and excitement of his live act.

As 2012 approaches, Warm Gun’s latest work “Nocturnal” (12/11/11) stands ready for release (both digitally and physically), to be accompanied by a series of videos and shows. The project features guest artists like Props, International Mo, Parker Joe (of State of the Artist) Real Rogers, and Hailey Hoff. With less than two years until graduation from the University of Washington, there is still time to develop musically and live life to the fullest-- but this is no reason to slack off. Warm Gun is moving full-speed ahead, generating music, engaging listeners, and hopefully making an impact on an industry that can always benefit from what is new and innovative.