This Kid's Not Supposed to be in the Family Portrait

This Kid's Not Supposed to be in the Family Portrait


If the sun was made of orange juice and the sky marshmallow dreams and you could taste everything then you might be able to guess what we sound like. We like to call our music cleptic because sometimes we make noises on accident that are purposeful...


We started in Coeur d'Alene Idaho before any of us knew what was going on. Dan was screening his latest film at the local resort and it just so happened that Mike sat a row in front of him. They went to the same high school but never really talked much and it was only after they were out that they really started sharing the same interests (which are swimming, eating food, listening to music, being friendly, making things and not being boring). Mike turned around in his seat to congratulate Dan on his film, one thing led to another, and they started talking about music. Dan threw around names like Wolf Parade and Frog Eyes, while Mike spit out Danielson and Devotchka... and they knew that this could be something. They exchanged phone numbers and within a week were sitting in Mike's living room trying to make some noise. They played a few times, but knew that, with only two arms a piece, they could not squeeze out enough sound on their own. That's when Mike's lady Laura(a cute little red haired bird) introduced Dan and Mike to Emily J. Emily J., if you ever meet her, is the nicest person on the face of the earth. Laura met Emily J. in a print making class at the local college and after she found out that Emily J. played the bass she recommended her to Mike who in turn told Dan. After one practice with Emily J. Mike and Dan agreed that she would be an excellent addition to the band and they set up more practices and wrote more songs. They felt happy, but they also knew that the band was missing something vital, something unique, something balanced.
Rachel is Mike's Little Sister. She is a very interesting person. After meeting her, most people are kind of scared that she didn't like them, but Rachel can't help it... she is just quiet and introspective! Anyways, Mike has always been on her case about starting a band with him, but Rachel always told him "You're no fun to play with." I don't know how Mike Finally convinced Rachel to play in the band, but he did... and that is that. Now they were complete and pumping out tunes fast. All that was left to do was name the band.
They wrestled with names like "I'll Never Ever Work In Retail Again!" and "Faces of Nor", but all those names were lame... except for the first one which I actually kind of like. Finally they found the perfect name:"This Kid's Not Supposed to be in the Family Portrait" and it just stuck like crazy glue. The rest is history in the making.


2007-"This Kid's Not Supposed to be in the Family Portrait"
11.25.2007 Album ranked #11 at KUOI FM 89.3
2008-7" vinyl on Gold Robot Records, yet to be titled
2008- Full length CD, yet to be titled

Set List

we might open with a short cover of Psycho Killer about one minute, and then---
Action Heroes in Glass Jars- 3:00
I'll Hit You By Punching You in the Face-4:30
Picking Pickled People in Paper Peppers- 5:00
Permission From MY Mom- 2:30
Make It From Optimistic Glue- 4:30
I don't Want to but may Have to- 1:30
Rachel's News- 3:30
A Guardian and His or Her Revelation- 8:00
Brothers and Sisters Part 2- 3:30

We have about 10-15 more songs that we can add on to a set if we need to but usually we play for a half hour or 45 minutes. We also like to do audience participation things... like handing out crayons and paper and having them draw while we play and then having a show and tell or passing out instruments so that they can play the song with us. We try to make it fun.