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Featured on- FLAME's "Where There's Smoke There's Fire" Internationally Distributed by Crossmovement Records/Provident Distribution

Featured The Upcoming- 116 Clique Compilation
Released by Reach Records May 31st 2005

Debut Album "This House I Shall Live"
"This House I Shall Live is a great debut album by Thi'sl. Its all about bringing Jesus to the streets...."
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1st Single "Not 2 Late Mommy"
"Thi'sl drops a beat banger, Not 2 Late Mommy, which is encouraging women........"
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Feeling a bit camera shy


Thi’sl born in the (dirty dirty) other words down south, sprung forth like a well in Greenwood, Mississippi. Later to move to St. Louis, (three one FO) where he experienced many hardships of life that gave him this life changing testimony and street style of heartfelt rap. At an early age Thi’sl was hands on in music recording his first demo at fourteen on a tape recorder and a home system, and I quote, “he’s been rhyming every since.” By the age of sixteen Thi’sl was in the studio recording his first “real” demo. (A freestyle song) Around that time the streets had become his playground, so his rhymes reflected the things that brought joy and pain from the lifestyle he lived and saw everyday. Having the similar story of many inner city youth, mother on drugs, father gone, friends selling drugs, so that’s how he lived.

Put your self in the shoes of a young boy who sees no way out but death, jail or getting rich selling drugs and you choose. You probably would choose the same option as he did. That became his life day in and day out, all night and all day errrday. (St. Louis slang) By the age of 18 Thi’sl then called Uncle Y, had seen more crime than a little bit. Losing several child hood friends to jail and the grave, the young boy’s heart had grown cold, he was numb to life. With no positive influence present the spiral continued, downward. By then he only used rap as a way to vent his pain. His thoughts of pursuing music as a career were gone but the passion he had for it was still there and was one day noticed when he had to battle, at that moment St. Louis’s most well known and respected artist, L.O.S of Bulletproof Records. Not known by many at that time

Thi’sl was looked at as a no name by L.O.S. At one point L.O.S even said, “Come on man lets get this over with.” Saying those words he sparked a flame in Thiz unseen by many until then. And after a few written rhymes by L.O.S and some explosive freestyle by Thiz it was obvious who had won by the crowd’s reaction. It was so obvious even in the midst of the battle some more guys from the label and even the manager jumped in trying to handle Thiz, but sadly though they couldn’t. His performance was so impressive the producer D-red gave him an invitation to the studio where he later impressed the owners of the St. Louis based label by free styling to every track they put on down to the last which was a reggae beat. From that point he was in tight with D-red and the two owners of the label. Afterwards D-red gave him all access to the studio and the owners placed Thiz in many showcases they had access to. Summer 1998 held a long list of performances, which was good because it kept him out the streets and gave him the opportunity to open for many ‘established’ artists. (Eight ball of Eight ball and MJG, Too Short, Black Rob, Scareface, Da BraveHearts, etc.) These events built a lot of buzz and made relationships that would eventually in 1999 get Thiz introduced to an agent from New York (Trell).

At the same time Thi’sl’s life long friend and cousin ‘Tank’ was murdered by one of his close associates. Of course it rocked him and sent him to his knees. Already believing God was real it made Thiz ask God questions, mainly, Why? And God being who He is, He sent answers and along with answers he sent conviction to change and physical help through the church. A local congregation came out to evangelize in Thiz hood and that night he saw his first glance of what he would be doing when he meet his now friend and fellow Christian rapper/ co laborer, Flame. The events that would conspire over the next year lead Thiz to give up his secular career and commit his life to the Ministry of the Gospel. Sitting down upon conversion to study the word of God for the next year and a half and then standing to ministry through God’s grace. Since then Thi’sl Has committed his time, gifts and talents to ministering the Gospel to the lost as well as to edify the Church. Rapping and rep’n Jesus at Churches, High Schools, Prisons Colleges and outside events.