This Mad Desire

This Mad Desire


It's rock music in the vein of Heroes-era Bowie, some Velvet Underground, and a sly twist of Tom Waits. A little bit cabaret, a lot cool. Guitars/pianos/cellos/drums! Videos at


“Showstopper” and “eccentric” are two common words used to describe This Mad Desire’s stage show. Whether performing with magicians, expanding the band to include extra drummers and background singers, there is always something to delight and entertain. This Mad Desire’s music is expansive like Led Zeppelin and ranges from tender folk ballads to hard rock to cabaret and beyond. Theatrical rock like Queen or Bowie but with a Neil Young earthiness.

Mac Attack (Mackenzie Kristjon) is the principal award-winning songwriter and “unstoppable creative force” behind the band. He has even become the subject of a comic book (Mac Attack from b Vs. A Comics) in which his character fights villains with his flaming guitar and super-strength. He has lent his songwriting talents to others in the Ontario music community and toured with Barzin as a vibraphonist in North America and Europe.

Gerald Taylor plays a fretless 5-string bass with attitude and pinache. From Thunder Bay, he has played in bands across Canada and in the Czech Republic. He has worked with Mac on and off in various contexts through the years.

Reinhard Kypke descends from Berlin and plays keys German-style! He approaches the technological/techno? side of the band with a vigour that is hard to describe. He also runs a radio show on CFRU 93.3 FM called Teutonics that is devoted to the latest & greatest electronic music in Europe.

Jim Perry drums like John Bonham or Keith Moon on steroids and keeps living to tell the tale. He can play every drum known to man and has played in so many bands you would need a score-card to keep track. Professionalism at all costs and when you’re not looking you might find him fixing your roof.

Sarah Honeyford (cello) is the newest addition to the Deathstyle army. She comes from the Hammer and looks forward to seeing you all soon!


Others who are in our musical family include Caitlyn Ottema/Olenka Krakus/Shoshanna J (bg vox), Chris Campbell/Mike McManus/Beate Schwirtlich (drums), Barzin (vibraphones), Victoria Sparks (marimba), Les Hartai/Erik Jenson (bass), Andrew McPherson (treatments). and of course the King B and Mike Findlay on guitars. Special thanks always go out to our engineers Andrew McPherson and Andy Magoffin who are working diligently on Deathstyle’s follow-up to 2007’s Celebration.


This Mad Desire

Written By: Mackenzie Kristjon

This mad desire that makes your heart pop.
Leaves you lonely, lifts you up to let you drop.
Don’t be angry; this is not some fearsome plot
To destroy you or control all of your thoughts.

Life is just like this. It’s never what you think.
You’re moving forward but only over the brink.
Don’t be fearful. Don’t you be afraid.
I know it’s hard now but you are the reason I have stayed.

You will have me; love will find me. Time will take its toll.
I’ll be your condition; love will take hold.

2. Love it lies kicking and screams in the night.
This mad conviction that the world isn’t right.
Soon comes mourning and light tiptoes in.
You will move forward; you will let the light in.

3. Love lurches forward. Your heart drips from your mouth.
Don’t be tearful. This can all work out.
The devil’s in us, the monsters in your soul
It may never leave you but it does not have to take control

Star-crossed & starry eyed

Written By: Mackenzie Kristjon

Star-crossed and starry eyed

Star-crossed and starry-eyed.
Humbled and full of pride.
Hapless, hopeless indecision.
Tell yourself it’s television.
And that it’s all in your mind.

Take this now baby and you will only lose your mind.

Give it up now it’s you and me shooting death.
Live it up now ‘cause there’s no time for rest.
Close your eyes and let yourself taste success.

Rip my heart out tear it all open.
Fall apart and leave yourself broken.
I believe that the future is golden.

And I don’t even know your name.

Gumdrops and pouring rain.
Will things ever be the same?
Life’s let loose in front of me.
Love’s like truth inside of me.
And I tell myself it’s all in my mind.

Drink this down baby. And you will only lose your mind.

Give it up now it’s you and me cheating death
Live it up now ‘cause there’s no time for rest.
Close your eyes and let yourself feel impressed.

I’ve seen your fingertips straying.
Make-up, shake-up, whatever you’re playing.
I can hear it whatever you’re saying.
(Fake it, take it, stop you’re complaining.)

And I don’t even know your name.


2007 - Deathstyle//Celebration
Co-produced by Mackenzie Kristjon and Andrew McPherson. Mastered by Phil Demetro for Lacquer Channel.
2000-Karma Repair-Sweetness Machines (Mac & Bonar)

Set List

Sets are usually 45-60 minutes but can be expanded.

1. This mad desire
2. Dance me down
3. Paris of love
4. Celebration
5. Black star
6. Magical power
7. Don't give up on me
8. "Battleships"
9. No surprise
10. Come back to me
11. Breaking the law by Judas Priest
12. Waiting for the man by Velvet Underground