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"Deathstyle's message is opposite to its name"

Deathstyle's message is opposite to its name
By Kathryn Dunmore, Backbeat
Arts & Entertainment
Jul 18, 2008
Despite its name, local band Deathstyle aims to remind people through its new rock music about love and positive aspects to life.
Deathstyle is a project created by Mackenzie Kristjon and Burlington guitarist Bonar Bjorklund Bulger approximately three years ago. The long-time musical partners decided to put their opinion of today's world into their songs.


"We decided we wanted to do a recording project so we started Deathstyle to express our frustrations with life," explained Kristjon. "We wanted to stand for love and we gave it a shocking name so people would know we feel bad about the way the world is, but we're spreading joy and love. Life is short, enjoy it as there is no time for sadness. We must celebrate."

Their message is featured in Deathstyle's album, Celebration, released a month ago. They'll play songs from the recording at a release party tomorrow (Saturday) at the Manifest Summer Music Festival in Flamborough.


This is not Kristjon's first project by far. He won the Canadian National Songwriting Award when he was 12 years old.

Since then, he put his words into music and released Karma Repair: Sweetness Machines in 1999. He has been in many groups, working with Bulger for the past 10 years.

His bands are created to suit the occasion. Kristjon selects musicians from his vast reserve to customize each show depending on the event.

"Every time we play, I bring different musicians based on what I think is important for the show," said Kristjon. "Recently, in Toronto I had an 11-piece band with two drummers. When we played in Winnipeg, I used musicians who sometimes play with the Winnipeg Symphony, as I like to keep the musicians local to the venue."


With influences such as David Bowie and Nick Cave, Deathstyle: Celebration brings an energetic show to any stage.

"My inspiration is all of life: death, love, the world and how much we put into it," said Kristjon. "Our songs are primarily about not taking things for granted. We take all the positive energy we have and project it so all can realize they can let go and enjoy life. It's a privilege to be here together and we must enjoy it."

Kristjon's journeys have been chronicled recently in a comic book, Mac Attack, by b vs. A Comics, which features local subjects. He's portrayed as a superhero with a laser-shooting guitar.

For more information, visit - Burlington Post

"Deathstyle at Mod Club Review"

Backed by dual drummers, Mackenzie Kristjón closed up the show with what was clearly the most eccentric performance of the evening; there was even a short intermission for a bit of magic that included a levitating table... There was (also) a comic book available at the merchandise table called Mac Attack that apparently is based on Mackenzie's life. For pictures and more visit - Pete Nema

"Deathstyle at McMaster University"

(Note: This is a composite interview with various members of the band from March 22, 2007.)

How did you guys meet?
-through school, work, and friends.

Who would you like to play with?
-david bowie, nate coles, wordman Z, queens of the stone age.
(Note: One year later, we played with Mugison who were -at the time- opening for Queens of the Stone Age. LOL)

Why should you win?
-we live to win.

Who don't you sound like?
-britney spears

Are you comfortable on stage?
-usually we drink scotch and whiskey. bonar wants his rubber back.
- The Silhouette

"Deathstyle at Nuna Now"

(Note for CBC Radio 3 fans: A lot of people don't realize that the very first time Radio 3 ever broadcast, our song "Black Star" was the second song they ever played..)

Way back in the 1800s, thousands of immigrants left the snow, cold remoteness of Iceland in hopes of a better life. So where did they go? They emigrated to Canada and settled in one of the snowiest, coldest, most remote areas of the country: Winnipeg.

Fast forward a couple of centuries to today, and Icelandic culture still thrives in the Manitoba capital. And that culture is being celebrated at a festival called Nuna - Icelandic for the word "now" - tonight through Saturday.

Now in its second year, the fest features performances by Weakerthans front man John K Samson, Paper Moon and Major Maker, as well as top Icelandic acts such as Mugison (currently on tour with Queens of the Stone Age) and Sprengjuhöllin.

"Sprengjuhöllin is an incredible band," said Deathstyle's Mackenzie Kristjon, who is also performing at the festival, during an interview with CBC Radio 3's Craig Norris. "They are probably the coolest band coming out of Iceland right now. They've got flashy costumes, they've got lots of dancing, lots of fun stuff. I think that will be a great, great show."

The fest also features Icelandic dance, film, visual art and much more - including Drawing Restraint 9, a film by Bjork's hubbie that features her music, and a new 35mm print of Winnipeg filmmaker Guy Maddin's Archangel.

Kristjon, who will perform alongside Samson, Mugison and members of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, is especially looking forward to his Thursday night show at the Lo Pub, which follows the screening of Drawing Restraint 9 at the Globe.

"At first they thought it was going to be more low key - that we would just have John Samson and myself doing a more acoustic evening," says Mackenzie. "But it's turned into a really great, full-on thing. People are going to hear music they've never heard - and really have their heads spin."

Click on the link below to hear the radio interview.
- CBC Radio 3


2007 - Deathstyle//Celebration
Co-produced by Mackenzie Kristjon and Andrew McPherson. Mastered by Phil Demetro for Lacquer Channel.
2000-Karma Repair-Sweetness Machines (Mac & Bonar)



“Showstopper” and “eccentric” are two common words used to describe This Mad Desire’s stage show. Whether performing with magicians, expanding the band to include extra drummers and background singers, there is always something to delight and entertain. This Mad Desire’s music is expansive like Led Zeppelin and ranges from tender folk ballads to hard rock to cabaret and beyond. Theatrical rock like Queen or Bowie but with a Neil Young earthiness.

Mac Attack (Mackenzie Kristjon) is the principal award-winning songwriter and “unstoppable creative force” behind the band. He has even become the subject of a comic book (Mac Attack from b Vs. A Comics) in which his character fights villains with his flaming guitar and super-strength. He has lent his songwriting talents to others in the Ontario music community and toured with Barzin as a vibraphonist in North America and Europe.

Gerald Taylor plays a fretless 5-string bass with attitude and pinache. From Thunder Bay, he has played in bands across Canada and in the Czech Republic. He has worked with Mac on and off in various contexts through the years.

Reinhard Kypke descends from Berlin and plays keys German-style! He approaches the technological/techno? side of the band with a vigour that is hard to describe. He also runs a radio show on CFRU 93.3 FM called Teutonics that is devoted to the latest & greatest electronic music in Europe.

Jim Perry drums like John Bonham or Keith Moon on steroids and keeps living to tell the tale. He can play every drum known to man and has played in so many bands you would need a score-card to keep track. Professionalism at all costs and when you’re not looking you might find him fixing your roof.

Sarah Honeyford (cello) is the newest addition to the Deathstyle army. She comes from the Hammer and looks forward to seeing you all soon!


Others who are in our musical family include Caitlyn Ottema/Olenka Krakus/Shoshanna J (bg vox), Chris Campbell/Mike McManus/Beate Schwirtlich (drums), Barzin (vibraphones), Victoria Sparks (marimba), Les Hartai/Erik Jenson (bass), Andrew McPherson (treatments). and of course the King B and Mike Findlay on guitars. Special thanks always go out to our engineers Andrew McPherson and Andy Magoffin who are working diligently on Deathstyle’s follow-up to 2007’s Celebration.