This Nachez

This Nachez


A new breed of rock metal infused with politically charged lyrics and irreverent humour. This Nachez will rock your socks off or a money back guarantee... but then we'll come and steal your money back again!


Risen from the ashes of the Shrule-Caherlistrane war of a thousand years, these border foxes have created the new breed of rock metal by which lesser mortals shall be judged. Compromising of Steven Monaghan (Vox/Guitars), Donal "Blob" Gibbons (Vox), Fiachra Cradock (Guitars), Dave Donoghue (Bass) and Eimhin Cradock (Drums), This Nachez, who run their poitin distillery and record their music in Headford, are the rock outfit to keep your eye on this year.

Forged and formed through their common love of Jameson whiskey and syncopated time signatures and cemented with their common ground appreciation of influences such as Led Zeppelin, Rage Against The Machine, System Of A Down, Pantera and Muse, this band of heedful outlaws are setting tongues a wagging with their spanking live shows and early demos.

Their sound, which they describe as organically farmed hardcore rock, is driven by the rhythm and riffs of the Cradock brothers and the band's politically charged lyrics, which tackle topics ranging from Ken Saro-Wiwa, the Nigerian political activist, to the effects of the Bush administration on the world. They are not all serious issues and politics as a listen to some of their other tracks will testify to, but whatever the subject, expect This Nachez to deliver it with vigorous aplomb.

Currently recording tracks for their upcoming album in their studio, the band still finds time to play gigs around Galway and further afield, with shows in The Village and Radio City Music in Dublin planned for the upcoming weeks. Having recently whipped crowds in Campbell's Tavern and The Cellar Bar in Galway into a sweaty, rock-out-with-your-cock-out frenzy, This Nachez are a live act setting venues alight with their pyromaniacal tendencies and petrol canisters.