This Party's Lame

This Party's Lame

 Austin, Texas, USA

This Party's Lame enjoys to rock, but hates bands who think they are God's gift to music. We play loud, fast and always with a hook. French new wave films, Orson Welles, girls, Elvis Costello and life made us who we are.


Three dudes - a guitar, a bass and drums. Sick of melo-drama in music and sick of indie-rock pretension This Party's Lame set out to make music they don't hear that often. Lyrics that aren't covered in holier than thou musings, hooks that are there and in your face, and buzz saw guitars. They play loud and fast. And in the musical landscape currently out there, believe it or not, that is actually quite novel.


"Please Don't Come Back From the Moon" - LP to be released by My Terms/Closet Trekkie Records in early 2013.